The Traumatically Beneficial Joyous Circle Log

citizens, civilians, the difference...
    a citizen knows how to live with the choices he makes, or how to die defending them.
    — roughnecks - starship troopers chronicles (the tophet campaign)

stop asking me for my phone number, gmail.  you're not the only one that's read 1984, though i didn't realize how much linking could be done until i looked into ups mychoice.

i learned one thing during the war: that you fight with whatever you've got, whatever you can lay your hands on.  and you never stop.  the minute you do, that's the minute the world rolls right over you.
    — red

hasbro needs to release a mythos-themed clue so that i could say, “it was cthulhu at r’lyeh with insanity”.  (pause)  actually, someone needs to put that on a shirt, because i'm not really a fan of clue.

there are moments in life, moments when you know you crossed a bridge.  your old life is over.
    — limitless