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Giant Curtains.  Barring vigilante action, this one simple addition would likely save more cumulative hours than all the ideas that no one else is promoting to improve our beleaguered transportation system.  For those who don't see where this is going, i'll explain - no, that would take too long; i'll sum up - but the beauty lies in its simplicity.  What happens is this: any time there's an accident, the police place a giant curtain up to shield it from prying eyes.  This would keep the rubber-necking jackasses - what? it's in the Bible - from delaying the dozens, if not hundreds, of cars behind them for no reason other than the fact that they don't want to be the only ones that don't know something.

Did you catch the carefully chosen wording?  They really couldn't care less unless someone they know might know.  One of the major problems with society is that people don't want others to have More than they do.  More information, more attention, more happiness.  It's a subtle distinction, but that doesn't mean it's any less pervasive.  Granted, as a general rule everyone wants more of everything, but there's no issue until they run across someone who has More or has the possibility of having More.  Their response could be as elaborate as trying to talk someone out of another job, as commonplace as stating opinion as fact (if not just fabricating things), or as simple as a comment that is designed to wound.  Is there a cure for this ailment?  Well, obviously it's not me remarking on it, but i don't know.  I wouldn't even know how to go about affecting a change though, as this seems not unlike trying to teach common sense, but here's hoping.

On a completely different note, if i say i don't know what food i ordered, i don't know what food i ordered.  And here's why i don't know what food i ordered: once i choose what i want, i impart that information to the person whose job it is to see that it is delivered unto me.  Did you notice what happened there?  I transferred the responsibility to someone else.  At this point, the person leaves, things happen, and without any further action on my part, my choice - in theory, at least - almost magically materializes in front of me.  In this way i am able to completely immerse myself in several conversations around me and get upset when someone says "that's Christianity..." as if the actions of one delineate the group.  As a bonus, not bothering to remember what i ordered gives my meal a hint of Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, what's with "xmas"?  Yes, it's a shorter word, but is that time people really needed to save?  How about they just not hit snooze tomorrow?  That should free up enough time for them to use the real word for, oh, the rest of their lives.  I can only assume people don't want to use the word because "Christ" is the root.  Well you know what?  They need to get over it.  It is what it is.  I don't have any problem using the phrase "happy birthday" even if i think someone shouldn't've been born.

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