The Wan Smile Park Place Log

if you can cavalierly say that you've suffered through migraines, you haven't, and you're not fooling anyone who has.  (as an aside, if you'd like to be taken seriously, don't mention your headache, because if 'anti-sympathy' was a word, that would be a quick way to garner some.)

extensive testing with other people has revealed a critical development flaw: when playing against myself, i am susceptible to groupthink.
    — r. eric reuss

well this is what it looks like when you've actually *fought* in battle.  it's not glorious.  it's not beautiful.  it's not even heroic.  it's merely doing what's right, and doing it again and again, even if some day you look like *this*.
    — the legend of the guardians: the owls of ga'hoole

far overhead, i hear sounds upsetting the air.  i never imagined that swallows flapping their wings could produce that kind of sound.  it's amazing, when you think that it's coming from little birds, flying high above everything.  but i find myself resenting that kind of disturbance.

against the wind, their tiny and fragile wings bend as if they would crack at any moment.  it's even more moving when you consider how swiftly the swallows are moving through the air.  the sound of their wings is as clear as could be because of the surrounding serenity.  or maybe it was because of the emotions the sound brought out of me.  the stirring energies of the swallows moved me, and i was relieved to find that even now, some things could still surprise me.

to fit in better with the seasons, *i* would prefer it if the swallows flew more softly.  but who am i to tell the birds how to fly just to better suit *my* sense of beauty?

    — ronin warriors - message: unnamed episode (#4)