The Sumitos and Pacs Park Place Log

these days it seems like they're trying to protect us from everything.  ...  ya think we're missing the point?  let's just keep our eye on the big ball.  protect us from the things that matter: the things we can't see coming.
    — hyundai commercial

despite theater popcorn, alcohol and a projector, over half of our thanksgiving saturday guests were sleeping by 11:30.  that's just embarrassing.  for them.

you can hide from what you do or you can be proud of it, but you can't deny that it's a gauge of who you are.
    — painkiller jane (reflections)

after several straight days of Eating, yesterday's dinner was a biscuit, and even that was more ItTastesGood than iWasHungry.

ummm... i'm sorry, but the whole two-man sea cucumber thing is kind of creepy.
    first of all, it's a sandworm, ok - shai-hulud, to be specific - and second of all, dune fans have been goin' nuts over our costume since the eighth grade.
    — chuck (chuck versus the sandworm)

ahhhh, leftovers.  how i look forward to eating you.  for the rest of the week.

what are you, a jooboobap or something?
    a what?
jewish, buddhist, baptist.  y'know, people got all kinda crazy notions these days.
    — k-ville (critical mass)

the long weekend's final tally is nine bottles of wine, twenty-two bottles of beer, a large bottle of white russian and most of a large bottle of pennsylvania dutch egg nog.  no records were broken, but it's a decent showing considering we got a late start.

instant gratification has us in a stranglehold.  so much so that we don't want to fix things any more, just replace them.  ...  whatever happened to commitment?  to standing by our decisions?
    — hyundai commercial

Old Titleless Gunter Log XI

pick up the clue phone - it's for you...
    // 07 addition:  is it just me, or did we have better sayings back then?

...and if something's *really* cool, it ROCKS!

i'll tell you what though: she sure does keep her place *warm*.
    so what's that - about seventy?
    // 07 addition:  in this case, seventeen words equals a picture.

i think *everyone* should meet someone like me.  (pause)  now go away.

FW:  ecnelubma (ek na lub' ma) n.  a rescue vehicle which can only be seen in the rearview mirror.
    // 07 addition:  remember the days when the jokes outnumbered the spam?

some yahoo woke me up at 5am vacuuming for the inspection.

the children are our future.
(man, kinda sucks to be *us*...)

with our ability to wield language, we can both stab and caress at will, and for that reason we must constantly be aware by which nature we govern ourselves.
    — me

The Lame Title Park Place Log

we're here to talk about our feelings.
    how do you feel about me being kept here against my will?
i was speaking editorially.  actually, we're here to talk about *your* feelings.
    — bionic woman (second chances)

celica engine following a ten-minute jog: 100F (38C) at the hood intake.

our take on what surrounds us is only as real as our take on what is inside us.
    — painkiller jane (reflections)

die in a fire.  seriously?  people not only felt the need to turn that into an acronym, but run with it?

sometimes a whale is just a whale.
    nothing is ever just "something".
    — law & order: criminal intent (anti-thesis)

laptop just before it starts burning my legs off: hot spot of 127F (53C).

you're workin' with high confidence here, doctor d.
    trust me, shego: this plan is totally off the heezy.
beg pardon?
    off the hook?  it's raw. chokin'. chilly. poppin'. tight. mint.
    it's very, very good, alright?  look, i need to beef up on my teen language skillz if i'm going to kick it with my new army.
you are ~so~ hip...
    word.  now let's get this party started old school, yo.
    — kim possible (the golden years)

The Mayfair vs BoardGameGeek Park Place Log

A little background for those who don't know the background...  Mayfair Games, publishers of the English edition of Settlers of Catan and other board games, has instituted a policy such that - in a nutshell - retailers who sell their in-print products below 80% of MSRP won't be sold more product.  Mayfair adopted this policy because they feel that the Internet shops are hurting the brick-and-mortar shops, and that this is bad for the industry.  This has, naturally, increased prices of their games at Internet shops and has, just as naturally, incurred the ire of many people who are wont to spill their opinions for the masses.  Below is a selection from the coherent posts.  You can probably get the gist of the other hundreds of posts without my help.

As a teacher, I'm becoming increasingly more concerned about the percentage of my students who have known nothing but entitlement since they were born.  Those of you who are threatening to boycott retailers and publishers because you actually have to pay an appropriate price for your toys are behaving like whining, spoiled children.  Have you ever considered educating yourselves about economics?  Better yet, have you ever been able to step outside of your own experience and think about someone else?
    — Cher  (she later apologized, but i don't see that that was necessary.)

At what point does personal spite have the effect of becoming nothing more than dramatized self-denial of something that might bring you great pleasure?
    — DWTripp  (i debated the additional airtime since he sometimes selectively argues.)

You neglect to mention Group C, who don't especially care either way, and no matter what happens will still carefully weigh their disposable entertainment dollar against the price (whatever it is) of the potential purchase, just like they did before the Mayfair announcement that 90% of the thread apparently thinks is the 9/11 moment of boardgaming.
    — dysjunct

If PCgamers and video gamers are willing to spend $50-$60 on new games AT THE MSRP PRICE, and we as board gamers won't spend $40-$50 on ours, then which industry will have the most money poured into by those who manufacture the games?  Seriously....just think about that.  You don't see PC Games or Video Games discounted 35% when newly released, yet bad video games will out sell great boardgames hands down any day of the week.
    — flabber23

As a game publisher, I love the idea of a widely available sales channel (the online discounters) who take a smaller share of the customer price and thus make my product more attractive.  At the same time, I know how valuable it is for us every time a B&M store decides to carry and promote Battleground...and the existence of online discounters makes our product less attractive to B&M retailers.
    — Chad_Ellis

Greed is the mechanism by which entropy will destroy us all.
    — diehard4life  (this doesn't even make sense, but you gotta admit that it has a nice ring to it.)

[sic] and all that