Old Titleless Gunter Log VII

i'm starting this one off by saying that the next army noncom who happens to wear his stripes on his hat in such a way that the sun glints off of them *will* in fact die a gruesome death, thank you.

nice jeans, bugle boy.
    shut up.  (btw, for the most part they're right: playing the trumpet really *is* like riding a bike.)
    // 07 addition:  look at me, outright lying.

he's much too happy much too often.  i just don't trust him.

jealousy is good.  it keeps the blood flowing.
and for those who haven't guessed, that's where i come in.
    (man, i really *am* conceited, aren't i?)

the difference between defeat and its acknowledgment is what keeps the world going.
    — the jungle (slightly paraphrased)

y'know, boring classes should be taught by babes (or their counterparts i guess, for you gals out there), 'cause then we wouldn't feel so bad about letting our mind wander.  or *something* like that.

and it just dawned on me why people like me so much: i'm an anachronism.  i'm like that museum piece you can't help but come back to just because you haven't seen anything like it for so long.

The Murphy's Law Park Place Log

why are men always tryin' to protect women?
    'cause you smell good.
    — after the sunset

people really clap at the end of movies?  how does that make more sense than talking to the screen?

God help me, but i love tough women.
    — they are among us

when i'm king i'm going to eliminate idiotic bumper stickers.  (pause)  strike that.  i'll give them out to anyone and everyone who wants them.  all the easier to track you, my pretties.

you can see into my apartment, but i uhhh... i can't see into yours.
    i promise you: i won't take advantage of it.
well i would if it were the other way around.
    — in a lonely place

why are ghost hunters afraid when they run into what they think are ghosts?  i'm just asking.

they should name a gender after you.  looking at you doesn't do it.  staring is the only way that makes any sense, and trying not to blink so you don't miss anything.
    — spanglish

(pout)  my yellow smirking shirt gave up the ghost.  at least it had a good run.

what is character?  is it in your blood or can it be learned?  is it timeless?  is it obvious or is it impossible to define?  will you recognize it when you see it?  not if you have to ask.
    — hennessy commercial

Old Titleless Gunter Log VI

whenever you right-click to magnify a portion of your monitor, it might be about time to wonder if perhaps you haven't been NetLinking a little *too* much.

assuming you can find the right people, chatting is cool.  (and naturally you know that if you start with people who are I-Saturn owners you're already ahead of the game.)

the account-holder end of their server's down more than it's up, but if for some reason you need to unload a picture, segahead@hotmail should be willing to accept it.
    // 07 addition:  i completely forgot i had this e-mail addy.  you can't have it though, 'cause i got it again.  not so much because i want it, but because i don't want anyone else to have it.  (smirk)  i can't wait not to check it any more frequently than i think to check michaelmalleyslogs@gmail.

suicide is the second leading cause of death among active duty air force members.
    — bitstream  (if you suggest #1 i'll make a Top 10 list.)
    // 07 addition:  i forgot i did lists.  i'll have to see if i still have any of them around.

in a dream i can see you are not far away.
any time, any place, i can see your face.
    — christmas nights into dreams
    (one of the many reasons chicks like sega best.)
    // 07 addition:  yes, i know, i shouldn't use "chicks".

and despite what you may think, the air force pays me to code, not express its opinions.  (*that* i do for free.)

oh, and if you ever leave your computer on overnight to see if something ran successfully, i wouldn't recommend just moving the switch to its opposite position out of habit.

Old Titleless Gunter Log V

better run home to *mama* now...
    — sarah bryant

    i'll take Sublimely Disgusting for $200, alex.
and the answer is...  over-cooked french onion flavored ramen noodles.  (misc buzzer sound)  mike?
    what is the most disgusting thing you could try to eat for 17 cents?

a dream is an answer to a question we haven't learned how to ask.
    — the x files

all our actions are ultimately selfish.  the trick is to make them appear otherwise.
    — me
    // 07 addition:  if i came up with this now, i think i'd add "with very rare exception," and scrap "all".

the loves of our youth are the deepest and truest.
    — a cure for baldness

in 1990, the [census] bureau relied on free advertising and had 98 percent participation.
    (now, call me silly, but if they knew the number of people that made up 100%...)
    — one of those online publications, via bird

the legacy of the modern age: we have information, but no truth.
    — disclosure

the truly dangerous are *always* very charming.  it's how they survive.
    — the littlest jackal