Lenten Gospel Readings

I'll be blunt: i think all Christians should read the Gospels - with footnotes, ideally - during Lent.  You might be tempted to just read John (not that there's a "best" Gospel), but, quite frankly, that's a cakewalk.  Even adding in Luke doesn't make it anything close to a feat; the Gospels simply aren't all that long.  As it so happens, the WEB translation site (which is a good idea despite not being a Catholic version) has a "read (most of) the Bible in a year" list which breaks the Gospels down into forty days.  That's just all kinds of handy.

Well, without further ado, here's the list.  I duplicated the names of the Gospels so that the entire list could be copied and each line deleted as it's read.  I'm not going to tie each reading to a particular day because in the Byzantine Rite everything is shifted two days earlier (beginning the Monday prior to Fat Tuesday and ending the Thursday prior to Easter) because His passion, death, and burial are celebrated apart from the Great Fast.

Matthew  1-4
Matthew  5-6
Matthew  7-9
Matthew  10-11
Matthew  12-13
Matthew  14-17
Matthew  18-20
Matthew  21-22
Matthew  23-24
Matthew  25-26
Matthew  27-28

Mark  1-3
Mark  4-5
Mark  6-7
Mark  8-9
Mark  10-11
Mark  12-13
Mark  14
Mark  15-16

Luke  1-2
Luke  3-4
Luke  5-6
Luke  7-8
Luke  9-10
Luke  11-12
Luke  13-15
Luke  16-18
Luke  19-20
Luke  21-22
Luke  23-24

John  1-2
John  3-4
John  5-6
John  7-8
John  9-10
John  11-12
John  13-15
John  16-17
John  18-19
John  20-21

WEB translation -   http://ebible.org/
(in case you don't have a paper Bible handy)

The Via Flaminia Park Place Log

i bought a box of good humor strawberry shortcake bars about a week ago, which promises to "bring back the memories".  i'll be honest: the memories were better.

[i]t takes more than intellect to be a musician.  put your soul into it a little, ok?
    — carnival of souls

pepsi max proves that dr pepper isn't the only soda that can be made in diet without tasting like it is, so how about you guys do the same for mtn dew?  and while you're at it, stop short-changing me on the caffeine.  there's no reason pepsi max should have over a quarter more caffeine.

computers don't run themselves.  well, they do, but only into the ground.
    — another one of mine

it should be a law that spices you aren't supposed to use a lot of have one of those little plastic guards with holes.  as an aside, if you dump a slew of basil in the sauce because you expect one to be there, take half of it out even if you have to pitch it rather than simply stir it all in.

y'know when you lie to somebody, you surrender your reality to the person you're lying to.
    — judgment day

btw, did anyone else notice the little trickery mcdonalds's pulled with the value menu?  double cheeseburger: two slices of cheese.  mcdouble?  one.

The Steeler Nation Park Place Log

obviously they're a bit frivolous since i'm managing just fine without one, but i can't say there aren't times when i miss having a heat lamp in the bathroom ceiling.

are you always this cynical?
    is it cynical to doubt and to question?  i mean, after all, it's the basis of the scientific method.
well, i don't hear doubt; i hear dismissal.
    — the last templar

flavored with meat.  i can come up with a handful of ideas as to what that entails, not a single one of which is terribly appealing.

do you mind if i ask you a question?
    i won't know until i hear it.
    — carnival of souls

so who's the genius who thought it was a good idea for my cell phone's ring volume to go directly from silent to loud and how does that person not realize that buttons get bumped?  and like my previous phone, they all should be able to be put on silent or vibrate simply by holding a button.  oh, and i also prefer a previous UI which showed how many times people called and not just who called.

are you ever this boring if you're not this boring?
    — me, regarding someone not being able to have a show if he was really this boring

there's no way harrison's overzealousness won't earn him a fine (though i'd love to know what precipitated it), but i still say his fourteen point swing should've been enough for him to share the horse trailer, because, without that, holmes' picture-worthy touchdown would've been just another picture-worthy touchdown.

as an aside, while things didn't quite pan out for an all-pennsylvania super bowl this time around thanks to the so-close-to-cinderella-story-i'm-almost-sorry-for-them cardinals, it *will* happen one of these years.

oh, btw, every team who isn't the 49ers and cowboys needs to step up and get the job done (again).