I'm sarcastic because i care

This is the part where i talk about myself.

Unfortunately for you, one of the many things i'm known for is not really talking about myself.

I guess i have to give you *something* though, so i'll say this: i'm the King of Semantics.  I'm relatively certain it's a self-appointed title, but i could be mistaken.  In any event, some have agreed and none have refuted, so the smart money says the title is officially mine by common law.

By the way, i'll tell you right off the bat that on none of these pages will i recommend you read The Screwtape Letters.  Did that once.  Big mistake.  I'm such a fan that it hadn't occurred to me that someone else wouldn't like it at least a little.  In the manner of me and Crystal Singer, the pairing lasted about half as long as planned.  (there's likely a moral in there somewhere.)

As for my talents, at one time i was a prodigious reader and rather skilled at playing the trumpet.  Sadly, i haven't seen those days for quite a while, though i imagine there's still enough time to run across them.  On a positive note, i still find myself able to use words like "smattering" without *trying* to use words like "smattering", so it seems i haven't completely out-grown my previous self, though i hesitate to consider the battle won.

And that's about it except for the lightning round...

WELCO METOT HENEX TLEVEL  I read all the Hardy Boy books in my school library.  It's always best to dig a hole correctly the first time.  If it really came down to it, Moon Knight could take Batman.  God isn't much into smiting these days (now that He has Warrior Nun Areala).  hey hay is for horses so what sew buttons zippers are better velcro's best not if it doesn't work it can't not work.  The cutter-uppers.  I was seriously upset when i found out that Superman could run faster than Flash.  Classic Battletech.  I felt cheated when i discovered that baggers now had this motorized whatever and no longer had to *push* dozens of carts up to the store.  SEGA!

we are only what we remember of ourselves and what we've done.
without memories, we are nothing.

that's the funny thing about memory, isn't it? we are not what
we remember of ourselves. we are what people say we are. they
project upon us their convictions. we are nothing but blank screens.
:: aeon flux (reraizure)

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