The Banana Split Park Place Log

aka  Beavers, Anchors and Primes, Oh My!

[anna nicole smith's death] gave free rein to the pseudonymous savagery which passes for informed commentary on the web.
    — reuters

i love those ice cream vending machines with a lid that lifts when you insert the first coin and ye olde vacuum hose that delivers your treat.  they're like carnival games i always win.

what is it?
    the stars in your eyes: they're stolen.
    — aeon flux (a time for everything)

unlike actual sweet potatoes, sweet potato fries from the cafeteria are somewhere between interesting and good.  i'm gonna guess that it's the abundance of salt.  and bargain basement grease.

a proper villian always leaves his foe when he is about to expire.
well it would be bad form just to loll about waiting for it.
    — kim possible (animal attraction)

i don't know if you caught the report - it was surprisingly low-key - but caffeine has finally been moved from the Pill food group to Life's Little Essentials.

what's it for?
    oh, i don't know.  i'm sure it'll come in handy.
twelve years and you don't know what it does?
    i didn't say that.  i said i didn't know what it's *for*.
    — van helsing

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