And so it begins...

I remember it like it was yesterday.  Mainly because it was.  I had been kicking around the idea of starting up my logs again for a while, but always managed to successfully distract myself before i got a chance to really think about it.  Well, in the manner that these things tend to happen, almost without realizing it i had decided that were i to pen a list of Good Ideas, i would definitely find this particular one on it (on it this particular one would i find), so i devised and set in motion a rube goldberg that would start things moving.  And you know what they say: inertia's a [censored].

In a fit of serendipity i happened upon some of my Gunter Logs last night.  Reading them, i discovered that while the intervening years not surprisingly didn't lower the Esoteric Quotient the slightest bit, they were just as solid as they were the first time around.  As you should imagine, they'll definitely be seeing the light of day again.  Quite simply, they deserve the honor.  (i'd use the word "pithy" to describe them, but i'm not entirely sure i know exactly what it means.)   In any event, they were written ages ago, back in the days when "e-mail" was spelled with a hyphen and it hadn't yet occurred to people that every stray thought should be spewed for the masses, so even moreso than at the time, they are what they are.

So why the new format?  The unfortunately true and admittedly sappy reason is that i lost track of people over the years and think - and by that i mean "hope" - that there's a better chance of them finding me than me finding them.  (as an aside, remember when the Internet was full of potential? that was a really good couple of months.)  The other reason - the one that puts a smile on my face, frankly - is because this gives my "no one cares about your blog" t-shirt an ironic edge, and who doesn't *love* wielding an ironic edge?

I'll be honest though: i'm feeling excitement with just a hint of reservation.  After all, back when i did the logs, the next best thing wasn't readily available.  I pretty much had the stage to myself.  Now granted, i'm fairly certain that whatever gene is responsible for them didn't up and die so much as go dormant, but there's always the chance i could discover one day that i've been unfortunate enough to create just another blog.

And that, my friends, would be a very sad day indeed.

a work of certifiable genius.
if you don't say so yourself.
no, i *did* say so myself.
:: van helsing

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