The Tesselation Park Place Log

note to self: a little ginger goes a long way.

he who does not love the faults of his loved one does not love at all.
    — royal wedding  (possibly an old spanish - as in the country - proverb)

jane badler for the win.  (she could very well be what started me liking older babes.)

you can find the beauty in all you perceive, just believe that it's there in view.  always look for good things and they will come to you.
    — the pied piper of hamelin

has anyone ever complained about you scaring them when you sneeze?
    well you can take comfort in the fact that you're only half as annoyed as i am.

just because i appreciate a ghost story doesn't mean i believe in ghosts.
    — crusoe
    (as an aside, shame on them for not renewing the series.)

you seem like you lost some weight.
    i rearranged my t-shirts so i generally wear the ones that haven't shrunk...

in the name of freedom, there has to be a correlation between rights and duties, by which every person is called to assume responsibility for his or her choices, made as a consequence of entering into relations with others.
    — pope benedict xvi

honey-comb bits are unnecessarily large *and* float.  who thought that was a good idea?

The Wii Sports Resort Park Place Log

that's cool that it can sense little motions, but why does the wiimotionplus have to be recalibrated so often?

still no bocce?  this saddens me.  i wouldn't turn down lawn darts, either.

what's miguel's plane made out of?  kryptonite?  or is he shooting me down?

why didn't it occur to anyone to give a fourth color to the checkmark to indicate that i found the spot during the current time of day?

secret archery targets?  who thought *that* was a good idea?

the lake is stocked with fish, and i can buzz the tennis court, so why can't i fish or play tennis?  or how about a nice balloon ride?

btw, what's with my starting in thirtieth place?  am i showing up late?  every single time?

The Cherikee Red Park Place Log

somerset's most convenient bank.
that's the best slogan you could come up with?  what was the runner-up?  we have a nice personality?

no man of honor can be tied by an oath that requires that he covers himself in shame.
    — hercules against the moon men

was anyone else extremely disappointed when they discovered that the movie g-force is about a bunch of hamsters?  (i didn't notice it was disney, okay?)

democracy can only flourish, as your founding fathers realized, when political leaders and those whom they represent are guided by truth and bring the wisdom born of firm moral principle to decisions affecting the life and future of the nation.
    — pope benedict xvi

just because your seeds somehow manage to outgrow the weeds is no reason to run them over with a riding lawnmower.

bad luck either makes a man or destroys him.
    — stray dog

could airwolf take both redwolf and the hx-1?  well, let me clarify, because the answer to *that* is obvious.  could airwolf take both redwolf and the hx-1 if its theme wasn't playing?

The Pluff Mud Park Place Log

in case you find yourself wondering why we invented the supermarket, try planting vegetables in a poorly tilled garden.  the sweat mixing with the sense of futility will make it obvious.

this'll probably be one of those long affairs that drags on a whole weekend.
    — stray dog

i'm not sure why i still bother eating chili the day i make it, because it's *always* better as leftovers.

freedom is not only a gift, but also a summons to personal responsibility.  the preservation of freedom calls for the cultivation of virtue, self-discipline, sacrifice for the common good and a sense of responsibility towards the less fortunate.
    — pope benedict xvi

why are writers and directors still using the bratty/spoiled kid crutch in movies and why aren't people stopping them?

i have diplomatic immunity.
    not from me you don't.
    — the a-team (the say uncle affair)

someone please make KOF 2010: Dream Selection, patterned after '98 and 2002.  (can you guess the system?)  show us what you can do with sixteen times the memory of the impressive EX2.  (and don't leave out the CPUvsCPU mode, because EX2's 30sec attract screen matches don't count.)

The King of Pop Park Place Log

my idea of magic doesn't have much to do with stage tricks and illusions.  the whole world abounds in magic.  when i see the clouds whisked away from a snow-capped peak, i feel like shouting, "bravo!"  nature, the best of all magicians, has delivered another thrill.  ...  every time the sun rises, nature is repeating one command: "behold!"  her magic is infinitely lavish, and in return all we have to do is appreciate it.

what we need to learn from children isn't childish.  being with them connects us to the deep wisdom of life, which is ever-present and only asks to be lived.  their natural wisdom points the way to solutions that lie, waiting to be recognized, within our own hearts.

love is a funny thing to describe.  it's like a bar of soap in the bathtub - you have it in your hand until you hold on too tight.  [mind you,] holding on to love is not wrong, but you need to learn to hold it lightly, caressingly.  let it fly when it wants.  when it's allowed to be free, love is what makes life alive, joyful, and new.

it's easy to mistake [being] innocent for being simpleminded or naive.  yet there is truth in innocence.  a baby looks in his mother's eyes, and all he sees is love.  as innocence fades away, more complicated things take its place.  then life turns into a struggle [and] you miss the freshness and magic of the moment.  learn to be innocent again and that freshness never fades.

do you feel your music?  children do, but once we grow up, life becomes a burden and a chore, and the music grows fainter.  sometimes the heart is so heavy that we turn away from it and forget that its throbbing is the wisest message of life.

it's curious what takes courage and what doesn't.  when i step out on stage in front of thousands of people, i don't feel that i'm being brave.  it can take much more courage to express true feelings to one person.  that takes real courage: the courage to be intimate.  when you have the courage to be intimate, you know who you are, and you're willing to let others see that.  the courage to be honest and intimate opens the way to self-discovery.  it offers what we all want: the promise of love.

The Delicious Irony Park Place Log

three stanley aren't as sweet as six vince lombardi, but it's not too shabby.  now all we need is for the pirates to remember how it's done.

do you realize you're breaking every rule of the geneva convention?
    when did we ever worry about the swiss?
    — the a-team (the say uncle affair)

seriously?  you thought i was asking you if that shadow was from those trees?  in what world is that an acceptable question for anyone over the age of six?

you lack charm.
    i'm sure i'm extremely sorry, sir.
    — happy go lucky

there are one hundred sixty-eight hours in a week.  how about you spend the one dedicated to the divine liturgy actually focussed on the divine liturgy instead of praying the rosary?

here in atlantis we try to subjugate nature to our own [cause].
    i am satisfied with nature as it is: savage and gentle at the same time; cruel and yet generous.
    — hercules and the captive women

obsolete technology makes me as sad as the next person, but garage sale-ers don't want your film cameras any more than they want your diskettes.

The Hyperbolic Paraboloid Park Place Log

here's the scenario: your baby is crying like a banshee in church.  if you can't take him outside and tag team him, you have to at least take him to the vestibule.

we've done it before; we'll do it again.  we'll manage 'em.
    you have a strategem?
it's as old as the kingdom; i know it by rote.  to escape their wrath: scape the goat.
    — the pied piper of hamelin

someone needs to tell the aldi head honchos that there should be two rows of chocolate soy milk in those boxes, because they *always* run out before the regular and vanilla.

pain is just weakness leaving the body.
    — i heard it on tv, but apparently it's on t-shirts

speaking of aldi, what's with the banana split ice cream sandwiches that usually don't taste like banana?  i smell class action lawsuit...

you so-called atheists - always feel so compelled to stretch your Godlessness.
    — angel and the badman

oh, and if it was simply a matter of surviving, lou diamond phillips would win.

The Casual Dignity Park Place Log

you gotta love professional grade lawn sweepers whose warranty doesn't cover commercial use.

there's nothing that makes food taste more vile than the yammer and clammer of a jeauvenile.
    — the pied piper of hamelin

quick quiz: about how many people liked shemp?
that's correct: nobody.  not a single person liked shemp.

out of great sorrow and spilled blood, forces of good are sometimes born.
    — hercules

i'll be honest: i miss russia.  things were - on the whole - much less complicated when there were two superpowers around who would swat the little guys.

time spent in prayer is never wasted, however urgent the duties that press upon us from every side.
    — pope benedict xvi

i've discovered that the GBA is home to a large handful of games that are as good as anything the DS has to offer.  even more reasons not to get the DSi...

The Minnie and Smokey Park Place Log

unfortunately, just because a game "supports wii balance board" doesn't mean that using it is a good idea.

you can't base happiness on the amount of money you make.  well, i'm not knocking money, but there are other things...
    — beast from haunted cave

there really should be a law that altar servers must wear slacks (or at least black jeans) and dress shoes.  even if they think they can get away with shorts, how do they think flip flops are acceptable?  and why does the priest let them serve?

what we are losing is editing.  ...  the discipline that should go with being able to communicate is gone.
    — daniel schorr

that mtn dew voltage is pretty good stuff.  i'd say that they should bring out a diet version, but experience shows that it'd taste completely different.

years ago, an ingenious starship designer developed a metal that, when heated to a certain temperature, forms huge metal coins that can be collected by other ships.
    — tyrian

i've been watching old movies and it turns out that skimpy outfits aren't new, it's just that in the past they weren't turned into events unto themselves.  it's unfortunate that story has been sacrificed on the altar of lasciviousness.

The Tokyo Beat Down Park Place Log III

so did you hear what happened here in marunoichi?  apparently, some terrorists showed up!
    — man who summarizes yesterday

terrorists, schmerrorists.  i ain't scared of those pansies.
    — intense businessman

i'll tear them apart and beat them with their own limbs!
    — girl who likes action movies

third floor: clearance sale on lingerie... and justice!
    — lewis cannon

it's nice and noisy in here!
    — lady who likes obstreperosity

ello, love, nice daisies.  where ya off ta now?
    — obligatory british guy

i wish i'd been nicer to people.
    — lady who rues the day

you're in a shady gang and you're surprised to see cops?
    — lewis cannon

oh no!  i heard there was a female cop in yaesu!
    is she the one whose kicks are fast as lightning?
no!  she's the one who shoots you in inconvenient places!
    — j-gang doorman and the other j-gang doorman

you think *we're* to blame?  do you know how much planning goes into bombing a city?!
    — guy admitting incompetence

(sigh) so predictable.  you wait for the handcuffs and then you try and reach for a hidden firearm.
    — rika hyodo

The Tokyo Beat Down Park Place Log II

wouldn't it be awesome if a horrible event happened?
    — kid asking to be slapped

we've confirmed two separate explosions.
    — plot-progressing officer

riots and looters and bombings, oh my!  patrol akihabara!

when life hands you a bomb, you make bombenade!
    — lewis cannon

can't i mouth off like lewis and get off the assignment?
    — rika hyodo

sorry, but justice doesn't own a white flag, baby.
    — lewis cannon

01001001 00100000 00111100 00110011 00100000 01010101
    — binary zealot

i can't answer your questions.  i have a quota to meet.  speaking of which, you want some lovely perfume?
    — vial temptress

eating food after it falls on the ground is *disgusting*.
    — lady who is sorely mistaken

i just love being myself, you know?
    — trend-follower

whatever happened to ethics and decency in this country?
    — world's-gone-downhill man

haven't you watched a cop movie before?  the hero-cop usually stares offscreen dramatically.
    — lewis cannon

The Tokyo Beat Down Park Place Log I

the crime rate's rising.
    — man providing backstory

want to know the key to covert infiltration ops?  just go in, and if anyone sees you, beat them down!
    — eiji watanabe

i think it's time for some steller police work... beast cop style!
    — lewis cannon

you need to take responsibility for your bravado.  if you say you'll beat someone down in under three minutes, you better beat them down in under three minutes!
    — eiji watanabe

big trouble in shibuya!  beat down crime and restore peace!

this place is swarming with evil-doers.  looks like i have a date... with justice!
    — lewis cannon

did you hear about the riots in akihabara?  they stole thirty-five tv sets, fourteen microwaves, twenty-one video games systems, fifty watches, and at least one giant stuffed animal!
    — woman who cares too much

i read there was a riot in akihabara!  i only read the headline, 'cause the article was *long*.
    — woman who cares only so much

he doesn't have the face of a criminal boss.  this is the face of an underling.  i can tell.
    — lewis cannon

whoa, now *that's* what a bad guy should look like.
    — lewis cannon

i'd hate to be the chalk outliner tomorrow...
    — lewis cannon

// i've made some slight changes to the wording/punctuation in spots.

Lost Screwtape Letter I

My dearest nephew,

You praise yourself for the patient's only having considered His priesthood for - and I quote - "a mere fifteen days" as if that was something of which you should be proud.  I find this news not only greatly disappointing regarding you specifically, but exceedingly worrisome concerning all the tempters of the Enemy's children.  Have you and your kin become so complacent due to our recent successes that it does not occur to you how dangerously naive such a thought is to our cause?  Granted, it is certainly true that our successes of late have been not only numerous, but, even more importantly, pervasive, but there is no time to rest on our laurels.  You are not alone in thinking that the tide has swung in our favor - a fact which is still being debated in the lowest circles - but all of us, and especially a demon such as yourself who can not claim numerous or even noteworthy successes, must keep in mind that this is a complex war, a war with billions of individual yet interconnected fronts.

As for the patient, not only did you claim a victory where you should have admitted defeat, but I have heard from a fellow tempter who works in the same circle as you that you have failed your duty in multiple ways.  Anthropos mentioned in his last communiqué that you did not even enter the confessional with your charge.  I was aghast!  That is when you need to put forth your greatest effort, not your least.  I will readily admit that I was, while certainly not pleased, not wholly displeased to read that you have been able to keep him from receiving the sacrament of reconciliation more than two or three times a year, but due to your not entering with him, he confessed sins he deliberately hadn't for many years.  As successful as you had been in that regard, it was all for naught.  None of the Enemy's children are ours until the moment of death.  You must never forget this.  He is always reaching out to them, and it is only through constant vigilance and action that we will keep this fact from becoming a realization.

Before I end this missive, I must go back to the original topic and stress my disappointment in you.  The gulf between considering the Enemy's priesthood and otherwise is wide and deep.  Immensely so, and far more than you realize if your attitude is as cavalier as you implied.  The possibility of someone becoming an active apostle of His alarms me, and should you.  Now that he has crossed that gulf, it will be an order of magnitude easier for him to cross it again in the future.  Even if he doesn't - and by Satan may he not! - the fact that he did it even once means that he is more likely to hear the Enemy's voice.  Not that even that would necessarily keep him from our grasp, but at best it would make your task more difficult, and could easily make those of your fellow tempters more difficult as well.

I realize you may think that I am criticizing you unfairly as this patient is not a trivial case, but other demons have had success with far more challenging - and influential - cases.  Like all the Enemy's children, this one is fairly predictable, but you never know when he may accept the grace that is always being offered to him, even the smallest grain of which can cause your plans to run afoul if you are not attentive.  Always strive to imitate Our Father Below, who is able to affect even those closest to the Enemy.

Your affectionate uncle

//  as far as i'm concerned, c.s.lewis is nothing short of a genius with words, and while i think i did fairly well, there's no comparison with his letters.

The Eat Up with Engine Park Place Log

what is it about shredding cheese that makes it taste better?

courage is when you're the only guy who knows how scared you really are.
    — tigerland

man, i've gone three days without playing the DS; that's a bunch of stamp-less days.  (pause)  oh, wait, you can change the DS's date.  never mind.

how big does a cause have to be before you kill your friends?
    — the spy who came into the dark

i don't know why you excoriated the play like that.  obviously when he said, "i'm your locum; your doctor had an emergency at the local piste" he was having a joke at the family's expense.  likewise, the operation didn't actually involve removing the patient's plaice with secateurs and using bitumen to prevent infection.

restraint is a virtue only thrust upon the elderly.
    — dragon sword

what's with racing board games and rules?  i'm a fairly smart guy, yet there's always a passage or two that needs deciphered.

The Arcing Quarter Park Place Log

"have you heard about the glitterati's recent parlous hepatic imbroglios?", he asked, while, in the back of his mind, he tried to decide just what they meant when they said that he loves the ten-dollar words.

the world has no need for another scared man.
    — observe and report

i couldn't figure out why shredded wheat - the original shredded wheat, not the mini - had changed until i ran across an old coupon with a picture of the box: turns out i used to eat nabisco, which seems to have gotten out of the cereal business in the meantime.

admiration is the emotion furthest from understanding.
    — bleach: the blade of fate

the wii balance board is a nice piece of equipment, but for a flagship product, its software is a bit disappointing.  the two biggest annoyances are the lack of a personal scoreboard and the too-often "scanning", but, in general, it just seems to lack a certain amount of polish.

see, i am sending you out like sheep in the midst of wolves; so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.
    — matthew 10:16 (nrsv)

this is commenting on old news, but i agree with kellogg's decision to not renew the endorsement of phelps.  sure, we all make mistakes, but what's more important: showing that actions have consequences, or showing that "important" people get free passes?  if movies really do reflect the current culture, then i say the super hero surge shows that we're hungering for higher ideals.

The Pan Fried Tilapia Park Place Log

i tried to upload my first video to youtube monday, but without a progress bar i wasn't sure if the 795meg was going to take the rest of the day or the rest of the week, so i gave up.

if you're a believer you don't need a miracle, and if you're not a believer then no miracle is ever enough.
    — the last templar

so where was this government that loves to throw money around back when the steel industry was dying?

do not say a little in many words but a great deal in a few.
    — pythagoras

the first ingredient of tropicana light sugar free orangeade is treated water.  is that a fancy way of saying "tap water"?

i said, "who were you with this weekend?"
well i find that hard to believe- that you'd go away completely alone.
    i didn't say i was completely alone.
i think you said that you weren't with anybody.
    i mean, "nobody you know".
i know a great many people.  how can you be certain it's somebody i don't know?
    — no way out

i think that My Word Coach for the DS is a decent way to broaden your vocabulary, but while "not giving attention to what is happening around you because you are thinking about something else" is technically not incorrect as a definition for "abstracted", i don't know anyone who uses that word that way, myself included.

Lenten Gospel Readings

I'll be blunt: i think all Christians should read the Gospels - with footnotes, ideally - during Lent.  You might be tempted to just read John (not that there's a "best" Gospel), but, quite frankly, that's a cakewalk.  Even adding in Luke doesn't make it anything close to a feat; the Gospels simply aren't all that long.  As it so happens, the WEB translation site (which is a good idea despite not being a Catholic version) has a "read (most of) the Bible in a year" list which breaks the Gospels down into forty days.  That's just all kinds of handy.

Well, without further ado, here's the list.  I duplicated the names of the Gospels so that the entire list could be copied and each line deleted as it's read.  I'm not going to tie each reading to a particular day because in the Byzantine Rite everything is shifted two days earlier (beginning the Monday prior to Fat Tuesday and ending the Thursday prior to Easter) because His passion, death, and burial are celebrated apart from the Great Fast.

Matthew  1-4
Matthew  5-6
Matthew  7-9
Matthew  10-11
Matthew  12-13
Matthew  14-17
Matthew  18-20
Matthew  21-22
Matthew  23-24
Matthew  25-26
Matthew  27-28

Mark  1-3
Mark  4-5
Mark  6-7
Mark  8-9
Mark  10-11
Mark  12-13
Mark  14
Mark  15-16

Luke  1-2
Luke  3-4
Luke  5-6
Luke  7-8
Luke  9-10
Luke  11-12
Luke  13-15
Luke  16-18
Luke  19-20
Luke  21-22
Luke  23-24

John  1-2
John  3-4
John  5-6
John  7-8
John  9-10
John  11-12
John  13-15
John  16-17
John  18-19
John  20-21

WEB translation -
(in case you don't have a paper Bible handy)

The Via Flaminia Park Place Log

i bought a box of good humor strawberry shortcake bars about a week ago, which promises to "bring back the memories".  i'll be honest: the memories were better.

[i]t takes more than intellect to be a musician.  put your soul into it a little, ok?
    — carnival of souls

pepsi max proves that dr pepper isn't the only soda that can be made in diet without tasting like it is, so how about you guys do the same for mtn dew?  and while you're at it, stop short-changing me on the caffeine.  there's no reason pepsi max should have over a quarter more caffeine.

computers don't run themselves.  well, they do, but only into the ground.
    — another one of mine

it should be a law that spices you aren't supposed to use a lot of have one of those little plastic guards with holes.  as an aside, if you dump a slew of basil in the sauce because you expect one to be there, take half of it out even if you have to pitch it rather than simply stir it all in.

y'know when you lie to somebody, you surrender your reality to the person you're lying to.
    — judgment day

btw, did anyone else notice the little trickery mcdonalds's pulled with the value menu?  double cheeseburger: two slices of cheese.  mcdouble?  one.

The Steeler Nation Park Place Log

obviously they're a bit frivolous since i'm managing just fine without one, but i can't say there aren't times when i miss having a heat lamp in the bathroom ceiling.

are you always this cynical?
    is it cynical to doubt and to question?  i mean, after all, it's the basis of the scientific method.
well, i don't hear doubt; i hear dismissal.
    — the last templar

flavored with meat.  i can come up with a handful of ideas as to what that entails, not a single one of which is terribly appealing.

do you mind if i ask you a question?
    i won't know until i hear it.
    — carnival of souls

so who's the genius who thought it was a good idea for my cell phone's ring volume to go directly from silent to loud and how does that person not realize that buttons get bumped?  and like my previous phone, they all should be able to be put on silent or vibrate simply by holding a button.  oh, and i also prefer a previous UI which showed how many times people called and not just who called.

are you ever this boring if you're not this boring?
    — me, regarding someone not being able to have a show if he was really this boring

there's no way harrison's overzealousness won't earn him a fine (though i'd love to know what precipitated it), but i still say his fourteen point swing should've been enough for him to share the horse trailer, because, without that, holmes' picture-worthy touchdown would've been just another picture-worthy touchdown.

as an aside, while things didn't quite pan out for an all-pennsylvania super bowl this time around thanks to the so-close-to-cinderella-story-i'm-almost-sorry-for-them cardinals, it *will* happen one of these years.

oh, btw, every team who isn't the 49ers and cowboys needs to step up and get the job done (again).

The Murder by Perjury Park Place Log

if windows xp is smart enough to realize that the device would operate faster if it was plugged into a USB 2.0 port, why isn't it smart enough to realize that there aren't any?

whoso meddles in affairs that are no business of his, will hear truths that will not please him.
    — the arabian nights (lang)

the other day i couldn't remember julianne moore's name; the best i could do was be pretty sure that either the first or last begins with J.  i'll be honest: that made me a little sad inside.

[i]t's surprising how fast you can go downhill when you begin to feel sorry for yourself.
    — my man godfrey

dear people who make electronic devices,
    unless you're shooting for "as small as possible", don't use AAAs.  not only are they far less cost effective than AAs, the latter gives us the option of using lithium for better cold weather performance.  on a related note, use a D in a wall clock instead of a AA.

like a corpse in a shallow grave, corruption rises to the surface.
... the defiled victim mutely screams its outrage.
    — soul reaver: legacy of kain.

i don't care how svelte the spy005 and 007 looks, if you use a nub for the negative contact instead of the ever-popular spring, it's one step shy of a moral imperative that it be long enough not to render any batteries useless.  some lashes in the public square are definitely in order.

The Pride of Authorship Park Place Log

so there i was, sitting at the computer, in between bites of a klondike krunch seeing if there were any more exercises at the body-for-life site that i could perform using my macgyver-esque set-up while the printer was going to town with my twelve weeks of exercise plans.  one of my resolutions is "get in shape by my birthday", which, on the surface, is probably more generic than it should be, but it's not generic enough that it won't be obvious if i don't manage it, so i obviously have my work cut out for me.  (smirk)  doubly so since i'm only taking the nutrition-for-life part as a casual suggestion.

we have many artists about, but no craftsmen.
    — a bucket of blood

not too long ago i noticed that my market pantry bottled water bottle - which is actually filled with well water - reads that the water is "enhanced with minerals for taste".  that's correct: the ingredients are purified water, magnesium sulfate, potassium bicarbonate and potassium chloride.  i wonder how much cheaper bottled water could be if it wasn't enhanced.  or like whole wheat bread, would it be more expensive?

this was perhaps the happiest day of aladdin's life.  he should have been a bit more pessimistic.  he always said, "a pessimist is someone who really knows what's really going on."
    — the arabian nights (lang)

i finally got around to trying elmer's chocolates, and while they rank up there with the best filled chocolates i've had - keeping in mind that i'm not a big chocolate person - they don't strike me as having anything to do with new orleans.  or ponchatoula, for that matter, which is actually where they're located.

most of our problems can be solved.  some of them will take brains, and some of them will take patience, but all of them will have to be wrestled with like an alligator in the swamp.
    — harold washington

granted, i really shouldn't consider the matter closed since the only two fruitcakes i've had are from sun-maid and claxton, but it doesn't seem to be among my favorite desserts.  (which is of course not strictly correct english, since you can only have one favorite per category.)

Why is this string on my finger?

Look at that: a new year.  It's beginning to be that you can almost come to expect them like clockwork.  The nice thing about a new year is that nothing gives people a quick burst of gumption like an artificial delineation between The Past and The Future.  I believe that in some circles it's referred to as the Clean Slate Theory.  Which of course brings us to resolutions, which is a non-threatening way of saying 'goals'.

I haven't come up with mine yet, but that's partially because i've been distrac- busy, and partially because i want to come up with meaningful ones that i can complete (and which stay kept), if only for novelty's sake.  And that's the crux of them, isn't it?  As anyone who's come up with good ones knows, it isn't as simple a task as we were led to believe as children.  They need to be specific enough to be meaningful, yet have enough looseness of wording that you have a bit of slack.  For starters, unless it's 'breathe', i don't recommend you have a daily resolution.  Even weekly ones are dangerous unless they're dead simple.  This one i learned first-hand, and i'm going to have to make some changes to my logs as mondays have been coming up a bit too quickly as of late.

I haven't stamped the list official yet, but i'm going to go with more seasonal than yearly ones this time around.  Giving me a whole year to do something is just a bad idea.  I might as well just call it a December '09 resolution.  I may have monthly and even weekly ones as well, but that granularity would mainly be to help keep me honest.  Of course, some of you reading this didn't get caught off guard by the new year and have already come up with yours, and to you i say 'la tee da'.  The rest of us are going to put some thought into this and be ready to go by the eleventh.

everyone is ready for the future;
it's the present that gives us difficulties.
:: michael malley