The Eat Up with Engine Park Place Log

what is it about shredding cheese that makes it taste better?

courage is when you're the only guy who knows how scared you really are.
    — tigerland

man, i've gone three days without playing the DS; that's a bunch of stamp-less days.  (pause)  oh, wait, you can change the DS's date.  never mind.

how big does a cause have to be before you kill your friends?
    — the spy who came into the dark

i don't know why you excoriated the play like that.  obviously when he said, "i'm your locum; your doctor had an emergency at the local piste" he was having a joke at the family's expense.  likewise, the operation didn't actually involve removing the patient's plaice with secateurs and using bitumen to prevent infection.

restraint is a virtue only thrust upon the elderly.
    — dragon sword

what's with racing board games and rules?  i'm a fairly smart guy, yet there's always a passage or two that needs deciphered.

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