The Wandering Sickness Park Place Log

progress is not living.  it should only be the preparation for living.
    — hg wells' things to come

not long ago i ran across a forum thread titled, "downsizing my wishlist (continuously updated)".  even if your tastes are *completely* different than his, you've got to respect a man with the dedication to never for a moment cease updating something.

we humans are so careless.  we only realize how beautiful life is when we chance upon death.
    — ikiru

so other than to be pretentious, why do red and white wine each have their own style of glass?

this place slightly resembles an insane asylum.
    well all you need to start an asylum are an empty room and the right kind of people.
    — my man godfrey

dramedy.  i don't know how i never ran across this word, but it's retarded.  were it a newborn, the aztecs would have thrown it off a pyramid.  if only someone had envisioned the concept of listing synonyms and compiling them in a book.  i tell you: the future is going to be glorious indeed.

i won't take that as the personal dig i'm sure it was meant to be...
    — max headroom (on sir michael terence wogan's wogan)

Gunter Log 250497

Gunter Log Lite: half the calories, and now without Yellow Number 5

one of the many signs that you've been awake for Far FAR too long: your bathroom fan suddenly gains the ability to play reveille, the star spangled banner and retreat.   simultaneously.  and in no particular order.
    (btw - and this cannot be stressed enough - i'm merely the messenger here.  honest.)

when we all go home for christmas we need to set our out of office assistants to reply individually to one another with a message saying that we're not here, and then, right before we go, send a message off to each person.  i figure by the time we come back the exchange system should be slag.  oh, wait - on second thought, maybe that's not such as good idea after all.
    // 08 addition:  for those who aren't making the connection, e-mail (with a hyphen) is how you did this back then.

just when you think that this time you *finally* have a handle on things, Life will let you know that you are once again grossly mistaken.  (btw, i'd say trust everything and pray - hope? - you react quickly when it proves necessary.)

in case you happen to find yourself tempted, i strenuously object [afgm] to your buying a 'freshy'-flavored soda.  not that there aren't *worse* things out there, but aren't there always? more day up in the can-yon...
    did you hear that?  one more day *up* in the canyon?
yeah, it's just as goofed as it was the *first* three times you brought it up - now be quiet.

btw, i found out last night that orange juice will soon come in a caffeinated version, which is absolutely fantastic, 'cause not only will my two favorite breakfast ... umm ... foods be combined, but now my screwdrivers will be that much better.
    // 08 addition:  did this ever happen?  i don't remember seeing it in any stores.

The Letters to Nowhere Park Place Log

dear airline industry,
    where are the interactive windows that'll display the names of cities and rivers as we pass by them?  oh, don't act so shocked.  you can't honestly tell me that you assumed that we were going to walk across your crappy floor in our socks and let you steal our bottles of water without your giving us something in return.  that's just not realistic.

dear AM2,
    either you make sure Virtua Cop 3 comes home or i shoot you with a bright orange bullet from my bright orange Saturn gun.  your choice.

dear cell phone tower tree makers,
    you aren't fooling anyone.

dear Codemasters,
    remember the Genny MicroMachines?  still the best version.  how about a proper sequel?

dear halle,
    you suck as Storm and you suck as Catwoman.  since Ghost and Warrior Nun Ariela *don't*, please stay away from them.

dear kenji eno,
    please don't be teasing us with From Yellow to Orange being listed as a Wii developer.

dear maria,
    yeah, five octaves, we got it.  i can burp on command, but that doesn't make it a good idea.

dear whitney,
     just so you're not confused, you were never all that.  to quote myself, "you're no Cher."

// 08 addition:  these letters span a bunch of years (though not so many that you can't comfortably shake a stick at them), but a couple are recent, so while i debated which log series this should fall in, i ended up choosing the current one, but with an addition like the old ones.

The Second Lame Title Park Place Log

don't you just hate when food gets in the way of your alcohol?  as an aside, one shot at 10:50 does the trick if it's breakfast.  (this was written in my notepad, so i can only assume it's taken place, but for the life of me i can't remember why or when. it's times like this that i wish i had a journal.)

you cannot erase God with an edict.
    — the twilight zone (the obsolete man)

i reached Three-star Commander despite not playing all that much (shame in iNiS for not clocking time-played like Meteos does, btw (but then, Sega's United Game Artists was always on the ball)), but i still say that Elite Beat Agents is a half-step too difficult considering it's a Touch Generations title, and certain songs are just "configured" poorly.  on the plus side, it does make use of the rumble pack, which surprisingly few do (and shame on everyone who doesn't stick in a few lines of code to take advantage of it).

you're very pretty now that i see you clearly, but i'm afraid the only way i could convince you of my honorable intentions is by force, and i'm very, very sick of fighting.
    — the twilight zone (two)

why is it that bullets in shooters are always equally damaging regardless of their size and speed?  am i the only one who thinks varying strengths should be standard practice by now?  (of course, Cave goes for sheer numbers, so i'll excuse *them*.)

most people dislike vanity in others, whatever share they have of it themselves; but i give fair quarter wherever i meet with it, being persuaded that it is often productive of good to the possessor, and to others that are within his sphere of action; and therefore, in many cases, it would not be altogether absurd if a man were to thank God for his vanity among the other comforts of life.
    — benjamin franklin

while this doesn't say anything about the rest of the year, the first atlantic hurricane of 1996 was also bertha, which also formed 7 july.