The Wandering Sickness Park Place Log

progress is not living.  it should only be the preparation for living.
    — hg wells' things to come

not long ago i ran across a forum thread titled, "downsizing my wishlist (continuously updated)".  even if your tastes are *completely* different than his, you've got to respect a man with the dedication to never for a moment cease updating something.

we humans are so careless.  we only realize how beautiful life is when we chance upon death.
    — ikiru

so other than to be pretentious, why do red and white wine each have their own style of glass?

this place slightly resembles an insane asylum.
    well all you need to start an asylum are an empty room and the right kind of people.
    — my man godfrey

dramedy.  i don't know how i never ran across this word, but it's retarded.  were it a newborn, the aztecs would have thrown it off a pyramid.  if only someone had envisioned the concept of listing synonyms and compiling them in a book.  i tell you: the future is going to be glorious indeed.

i won't take that as the personal dig i'm sure it was meant to be...
    — max headroom (on sir michael terence wogan's wogan)

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