The Narrative Thematic Park Place Log

your mom said you were pushy, but i just thought that was the alcohol talking.
    — wait - what?

raging headache?
    not for long.  the combination of half a vivarin, two glasses of water, and a candy bar usually work well for me.

y'know, the interesting thing about skeptics, atheists, is that, uhhh, we're always looking for proof, certainty.  question is, "what on earth would we do if we found it?"
    — the rite

i guess it wouldn't be proper for me to have the bad people in my tv show wear jewish stars even though it's often said that turnabout is fair play.  (smirk)  darn it.

terrible what passes for a ninja these days.
    — speed racer

you geniuses really thought her mis-speach might be something *other* than a medical condition?  seriously?

don't say anything.  your words would be meaningless, maybe even insulting.
    — firefox

just when everyone's babbling about charlie, suddenly there's something orders of magnitude more important to talk about.

there are two types of people: those who truly listen, and those who wait to speak.
    — robocop: dark justice