The Eat Up with Engine Park Place Log

what is it about shredding cheese that makes it taste better?

courage is when you're the only guy who knows how scared you really are.
    — tigerland

man, i've gone three days without playing the DS; that's a bunch of stamp-less days.  (pause)  oh, wait, you can change the DS's date.  never mind.

how big does a cause have to be before you kill your friends?
    — the spy who came into the dark

i don't know why you excoriated the play like that.  obviously when he said, "i'm your locum; your doctor had an emergency at the local piste" he was having a joke at the family's expense.  likewise, the operation didn't actually involve removing the patient's plaice with secateurs and using bitumen to prevent infection.

restraint is a virtue only thrust upon the elderly.
    — dragon sword

what's with racing board games and rules?  i'm a fairly smart guy, yet there's always a passage or two that needs deciphered.

The Arcing Quarter Park Place Log

"have you heard about the glitterati's recent parlous hepatic imbroglios?", he asked, while, in the back of his mind, he tried to decide just what they meant when they said that he loves the ten-dollar words.

the world has no need for another scared man.
    — observe and report

i couldn't figure out why shredded wheat - the original shredded wheat, not the mini - had changed until i ran across an old coupon with a picture of the box: turns out i used to eat nabisco, which seems to have gotten out of the cereal business in the meantime.

admiration is the emotion furthest from understanding.
    — bleach: the blade of fate

the wii balance board is a nice piece of equipment, but for a flagship product, its software is a bit disappointing.  the two biggest annoyances are the lack of a personal scoreboard and the too-often "scanning", but, in general, it just seems to lack a certain amount of polish.

see, i am sending you out like sheep in the midst of wolves; so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.
    — matthew 10:16 (nrsv)

this is commenting on old news, but i agree with kellogg's decision to not renew the endorsement of phelps.  sure, we all make mistakes, but what's more important: showing that actions have consequences, or showing that "important" people get free passes?  if movies really do reflect the current culture, then i say the super hero surge shows that we're hungering for higher ideals.

The Pan Fried Tilapia Park Place Log

i tried to upload my first video to youtube monday, but without a progress bar i wasn't sure if the 795meg was going to take the rest of the day or the rest of the week, so i gave up.

if you're a believer you don't need a miracle, and if you're not a believer then no miracle is ever enough.
    — the last templar

so where was this government that loves to throw money around back when the steel industry was dying?

do not say a little in many words but a great deal in a few.
    — pythagoras

the first ingredient of tropicana light sugar free orangeade is treated water.  is that a fancy way of saying "tap water"?

i said, "who were you with this weekend?"
well i find that hard to believe- that you'd go away completely alone.
    i didn't say i was completely alone.
i think you said that you weren't with anybody.
    i mean, "nobody you know".
i know a great many people.  how can you be certain it's somebody i don't know?
    — no way out

i think that My Word Coach for the DS is a decent way to broaden your vocabulary, but while "not giving attention to what is happening around you because you are thinking about something else" is technically not incorrect as a definition for "abstracted", i don't know anyone who uses that word that way, myself included.