The Pan Fried Tilapia Park Place Log

i tried to upload my first video to youtube monday, but without a progress bar i wasn't sure if the 795meg was going to take the rest of the day or the rest of the week, so i gave up.

if you're a believer you don't need a miracle, and if you're not a believer then no miracle is ever enough.
    — the last templar

so where was this government that loves to throw money around back when the steel industry was dying?

do not say a little in many words but a great deal in a few.
    — pythagoras

the first ingredient of tropicana light sugar free orangeade is treated water.  is that a fancy way of saying "tap water"?

i said, "who were you with this weekend?"
well i find that hard to believe- that you'd go away completely alone.
    i didn't say i was completely alone.
i think you said that you weren't with anybody.
    i mean, "nobody you know".
i know a great many people.  how can you be certain it's somebody i don't know?
    — no way out

i think that My Word Coach for the DS is a decent way to broaden your vocabulary, but while "not giving attention to what is happening around you because you are thinking about something else" is technically not incorrect as a definition for "abstracted", i don't know anyone who uses that word that way, myself included.

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