The Handcuff Lightning Park Place Log

what do you think is below the surface arrogance?
    more arrogance, and then perhaps a few delicious layers of flaky disdain, all around a creamy sweet center of homicidal rage.
    — the librarian: quest for the spear

...actually, you would do exactly as i would.  if you mean "if i was in your situation," then that's what you should say.

it's a theory.
    it's kinda jumping to a conclusion.
well that's what theories are, right?
    — kim possible (gorilla fist)

by the way, i've asked the rest of the world, and you two are the only ones who liked The Transporter but not Crank.  i'm sure that's just coincidence though.

i'll help you with that.
    i can handle it.
i wasn't suggesting that you couldn't.
    isn't that what "i'll help you with that" means?
    — criminal minds (distress)

oh, wait, here it is: /a na ta nee wa/--  oh, forget it; i'll just send it to you.
    (anata niwa kunfuu ga tarinai wa.  (you don't know what i've been through.))

captain, how soon can you land?
    i can't tell.
you can tell me - i'm a doctor.
    no, i mean "i'm just not sure."
well can't you take a guess?
    well...  not for another two hours.
you can't take a guess for another two hours?
    — airplane!

The White Trash Park Place Log

do you need anyone?  she's very good at tea.
well, i say "very good"; i mean "not bad".
well, i say "not bad"...
    — doctor who (army of ghosts)

reason #37 to play rummikub: penélope and salma play it.

life passes most people by while they're making grand plans for it.
    — blow

even back in 1925, any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, was purely coincidental.

moderation is not abstinence.  moderation necessarily connotes use.
    — aeon flux (thanatophobia)

the reverse osmosis water purifier.
i don't even particularly enjoy water, but i like living up to the american stereotype.

world class villains are defined by disproportionate revenge.
    — kim possible (animal attraction)

you'd think God wouldn't put sarcasm and intelligence in the same body, but, well... He works in mysterious ways.

now what kind of an attitude is that? "these things happen."  they only happen because the whole country is just full of people who when these thing happen they just say "these things happen."
    — it's a mad, mad, mad, mad world

dr who '65 & '66 movies: proof that kids don't *need* to be the weak link.

The Poconos Park Place Log

in three years we'll be... under thirty-five.   (ouch)

and now you know why there's a flashlight in my jacket pocket.  as an aside, how do people in snow-prone areas not know to rock the car when stuck in - or in this case, on - a drift?  btw, i recommend you not be too hard on the kid: his crappy torch was still better than the ones none of you had with you.  (for those curious, "the sun" is a Streamlight TL-3 with Carley H1499-BF.)

are you sure it's not /ā'-on/?
    oh, yeah... /ā'-on/.  you might be correct, since you've never *seen* it.
but the A is first...
    it's in bondage.

remember the Wide World of Sports (specifically, the Agony of Defeat)?  well, anything that doesn't kill you makes for a good story.  of course, anything that *does* makes a better one for someone else.

(sigh)  fine...   we were going down the hill as a loose conglomerate - as opposed to a streamlined train - and one of us got a little too tricky for my own good.  simultaneously with a dramatic camera pan, the RPG hit the side of the tube, flipping it over.  i was then run over in a valiant attempt to keep me from sliding excessively by slowing me down, though not enough to keep my glasses from being dragged off and my ear becoming snow-packed.  luckily though, my right temple absorbed most of the force, keeping the bruises at bay.

do you want neosporin for that?
    no, i don't put things on things.  (yes, i heard you.)

i heard *you* too, and i don't care what you say: even she can't tell me some of those names aren't different just for the sake of being different.

super tree run.  you mock that which you do not understand.

this was fun.  i wish we could have weekends like this more often.
    well if you would just accept Jesus Christ into your life...

The Twilight Zone Park Place Log II

this is the way nightmares begin (or perhaps end): very simple, direct, unadorned; incredible, and yet so terribly real that even while they're happening we live with them and adjust to them and assimilate them.
    — to serve man

honest men make unconvincing liars.
    — the howling man

no matter what the future brings, man's capacity to rise to the occasion will remain unaltered.  his potential for tenacity and optimism continues as always: to out-fight, out-point and outlive any and all changes made by his society.
    — steel

i saw him and didn't recognize him.
    that is man's weakness and satan's strength.
    — the howling man

it's important to get with the majority, isn't it?  that's... that's a big thing nowadays, isn't it, reverend?
    that's all there is, is the majority.  the minority must've died on the cross two thousand years ago.
    — i am the night - color me black

why do you stay here?
    i was under the impression that i was needed.
you are.  that explains why i keep you here... but it doesn't even remotely suggest why you *stay*.
    you would like me to be quite honest, i presume?
indeed.  you may be a bit short on duty, but a lack of candor has never been one of your deficiencies.
    i stay-- i *live* for the moment when i can see you buried.  when i come back from your funeral i'm going to open a bottle of wine.
    — uncle simon