The Handcuff Lightning Park Place Log

what do you think is below the surface arrogance?
    more arrogance, and then perhaps a few delicious layers of flaky disdain, all around a creamy sweet center of homicidal rage.
    — the librarian: quest for the spear

...actually, you would do exactly as i would.  if you mean "if i was in your situation," then that's what you should say.

it's a theory.
    it's kinda jumping to a conclusion.
well that's what theories are, right?
    — kim possible (gorilla fist)

by the way, i've asked the rest of the world, and you two are the only ones who liked The Transporter but not Crank.  i'm sure that's just coincidence though.

i'll help you with that.
    i can handle it.
i wasn't suggesting that you couldn't.
    isn't that what "i'll help you with that" means?
    — criminal minds (distress)

oh, wait, here it is: /a na ta nee wa/--  oh, forget it; i'll just send it to you.
    (anata niwa kunfuu ga tarinai wa.  (you don't know what i've been through.))

captain, how soon can you land?
    i can't tell.
you can tell me - i'm a doctor.
    no, i mean "i'm just not sure."
well can't you take a guess?
    well...  not for another two hours.
you can't take a guess for another two hours?
    — airplane!

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