Rants, Few, Assorted

Why hasn't Paramount released Friday the 13th: the Series on DVD yet?  I'm a definite fan of the original Twilight Zone and the new Outer Limits - yeah i know: right out of left field - but they don't hold a candle to the adventures of Micki, Ryan and Jack (and Johnny).  I really liked the few episodes of Nowhere Man i managed to run across, but it'd end up playing second fiddle on this particular stage.  If enough of us fans voice our disappointment with its disappearance, maybe they'll at least bring it back as a Law & Order or CSI spin-off: The Vendredi Files.
    // Going on a year later, they finally have.  I'll take credit for that.

Riddle me this, Batman: how is it not against some law to make a period/historical piece that isn't accurate?  Except for the five people who know better, it seems fairly obvious to us to take for granted that what we see is the way things were.  It's one thing to have a motorcycle accelerate with the clutch squeezed or immediately start running from a car that was smashed into hard enough to send the driver's side window onto the passenger seat (trust me: you don't do either), but this is something you're already spending money and time on, so just spend a little more.  I actually think this would be beneficial for them as well, harking back ye olde travelling circus.  COME SEE THE ACCURATE MOVIE!  WHAT ONCE WAS SCOFFED AT CAN NOW BE YOURS!

Getting back to things which should be on DVD already, where's Spiral Zone?  It was set in 2007, which happens to serve as the twentieth anniversary.  How much more invitation is needed?  Instead we get utter garbage like Boohbah, which, to put it succinctly (albeit improperly), is the most retarded show i have ever seen.  Seriously, what happened to us as a society that the ones which taught us slowly became part of the past?  Captain Kangaroo, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, Sesame Street, The Electric Company, 3-2-1 Contact, Reading Rainbow.  Those of us who remember them could list more which influenced us, but the point is either made or completely beyond your ken.

Speaking of "old" tv shows - since I'm on a roll - why did they kill ABC's Wide World of Sports?  //quick unsubstantiated research alert//  According to animaging (according to findarticles.com), it was ESPN.  (pause)  I *knew* there was a reason Ryan got under my skin.  No offence to MacGyver, Hardcastle & McCormick or Automan, but ABC's Wide World of Sports is probably the biggest blow.  It was concentrated sports, and let's face it: if you like Something, very rarely do you not like Concentrated Something.  The only form of concentrated sports we have now are the Olympic Games.  End segue.


The Outer Limits Park Place Log IV

in an age when we are led to believe that we can be anything we want to be, what most eludes us is simply being ourselves.
    — skin deep

what about all the people whose lives were saved because they had the good sense to protect themselves?  you don't bother telling stories about *them*.
    — the gun

to those who would corrupt the search for truth... be warned: the sword of justice cuts both ways.
    — judgment day

in a world where absolutes reign, what may be most important is finding the balance.
    — the inner child

how easily we scorn what fate has dealt us and dream of what it has not.  before we cast aside our lots, it would be wise to remember that dreams have a way of turning into nightmares.
    — second thoughts

in an age of medical miracles, who shall live and who shall die may be less a matter of chance than a matter of choice.
    — donor

the power of human emotion can neither be controlled by laws we create nor confined by the will we impose.
    — essence of life

the greatest lesson one generation can bestow upon the next is that reverence for the past ensures the future.
    — fathers & sons

Old Titleless Gunter Log II

mass on christmas; fish on friday.  you think that makes you a good [catholic]...
    — the x files

everyone puts on the face they assume will best serve during the day.  only at night does our true one show.
    — babylon 5

i do love your endless, naive way of seeing the world.
    — immersion

it takes great trust to show your true self to another.
    — the silver shoes

it's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice.
    — move your [tush]

little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice.  and despite that fact us guys still like them bunches...

Old Titleless Gunter Log I

a person does not fully appreciate sweetness if he or she has never tasted anything bitter.
    — rec.games.video.arcade

human acquiescence is as easily obtained by terror as by temptation.
    — hellraiser: bloodline

the secret of happiness is high expectations and your own bag of chips.
    — dogbert

why do those dorky soda cups have the airline's name on them?  do they often get taken home as souvenirs?

sometimes people walk away 'cause they want to be alone, and other times they walk away to see if you care enough to follow.
    — babylon 5

a coincidence is when God chooses to remain anonymous.
    — touched by an angel
        (mom strikes again...)

one of the many thoughts i probably should just keep to myself:
    man, do those clouds look like mountains.  oh, wait...

blah blah blah your playstation--
    it's a *saturn*!
    oh, i don't *think* so!

The Potted Meat Park Place Log

organized properly, tents are surprisingly roomy.  unfortunately, the subtleties are easily forgotten when setting up at night with rain on the way.  (as much as i'd like to blame the 35watt HID, that wouldn't really be fair.)

oh, crap - i just dropped one.
    great.  now we'll have a hershey kiss tree that we'll need to walk around tomorrow.

someone cut her off.  any more coke zero and she's gonna plant her face in the fire.

i didn't believe mark when he said that.
    which is odd, because often mark is wrong and you're right...

you still have half a bottle left?  you're gonna have to change your major to nursing.

what did he say?  "excuse me, have you seen my euro carry-all?"

red pilot V5 + kroma(red) = completely invisible writing

always bring a torch to a cave, 'cause the tour guide's might absolutely suck.

no, no - they're not "damp with humidity"; they're "containing advanced cooling-enhancing fibers".

you know that feeling you get when you're peeing into a gatorade bottle and it seems to be filling up far too quickly?  (pause)  i really don't have anywhere to go with this, but there's no way it wasn't going to make the log, if only for posterity's sake.

it's like kicking a dog: you don't kick it a *little*.