The Outer Limits Park Place Log IV

in an age when we are led to believe that we can be anything we want to be, what most eludes us is simply being ourselves.
    — skin deep

what about all the people whose lives were saved because they had the good sense to protect themselves?  you don't bother telling stories about *them*.
    — the gun

to those who would corrupt the search for truth... be warned: the sword of justice cuts both ways.
    — judgment day

in a world where absolutes reign, what may be most important is finding the balance.
    — the inner child

how easily we scorn what fate has dealt us and dream of what it has not.  before we cast aside our lots, it would be wise to remember that dreams have a way of turning into nightmares.
    — second thoughts

in an age of medical miracles, who shall live and who shall die may be less a matter of chance than a matter of choice.
    — donor

the power of human emotion can neither be controlled by laws we create nor confined by the will we impose.
    — essence of life

the greatest lesson one generation can bestow upon the next is that reverence for the past ensures the future.
    — fathers & sons

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