Old Titleless Gunter Log VIII

how long have you been playing?
    i haven't played *seriously* since '89.
so you're just playing jokingly now?

i've come to the conclusion that being a bugler is kinda like being a field goal kicker: not only are you not really part of the team, but the best you can do is 'your job'.  plus, while there's exactly one way to do it correctly, there're roughly 30 bazillion to do it incorrectly.  (well, ok, only 24, but you know what i *mean*.)
    // 07 addition:  i guess technically there're 2^24 ways to do it incorrectly, but who's counting?

contrary to popular belief, there really *are* cool lieutenants.  (they're still not the *smartest* people i've ever seen, but they're learning.)

my, isn't *she* pleasant?
    yeah, and she's got such pretty blond hair too.  i wonder why she dyed the roots brown?

whenever the thought of using mtn dew as a valid substitute for visine crosses your mind even in jest, it's probably about time to get some sleep.

so who knows why the chicken crossed the road?  (and why didn't anyone think of that before?)
    // 07 addition:  the danger of in-jokes.  i'm sure i found this really amusing at the time.

they might be annoying as [BEEP], but if it wasn't for one of those moronic are-you-happy-with-your-phone-service people, i might *still* be sleeping.

oh, and mail will soon be delivered to the dorms, so now i'll have to check sgt jones' office *and* the post office for packages.  my, that really *is* convenient.

The Intensive Purpose Park Place Log

you're a non-believer.  why should we waste time on kabuki?
    — mad men (the hobo code)

a disney channel ad said, "if you have a web-enabled phone, get your parents' permission..."  (pause)  that about sums things up.

control can be a dangerous illusion.
    — painkiller jane (pilot)

instead of adding "(sp?)" to a post, how about you open another window and hit a dictionary site?  maybe more parents should've told their kids to "look it up".  or maybe more people should just *care*.

sometimes your lack of foresight is astonishing.
    — eureka (h.o.u.s.e. rules)

God bless the messaging generation and its need to truncate words for no apparent reason.  please- do your part to not let the human race devolve even faster than it already is.

and remember: life is full of entrées, so don't fill up on bread.
    — family guy (mother tucker)

"wreaks of suck" or "is teh suck".  is it worse to type the complicated homophone or to deliberately misspell a word in a misguided attempt to be humorous?  as an aside, and with no real basis, i'm going to guess that they both litter.

i don't think every story is about its ending.
    — heartland (i make myself into something new)

The Area Control Park Place Log

look, i know i screwed up; i don't need your passive-aggressive [BS] to remind me.
    i just exhaled...
    — heartland (pilot)

i love statements like "i would only be caught dead in church."  ignoring for the moment that it's grammatically nonsensical, what happened that you've passed "dismissive of" and have graduated to "vehemently against"?

what are you implying?
    what are you inferring?
    — eureka (h.o.u.s.e. rules)

learning how to make balloon animals is a lousy hobby if you have asthma.  or so i've been told, at any rate.

to a degree we are our patterns.  if you were locked in a livery of the world's miseries you would be led almost inexorably to choose your own because it's the pain you're familiar with.
    — the closer (critical missing)  //two quotes, but from the same person at least//

"ameritrash" is one of the most idiotic labels i've ever heard.  (pause)  there.  i've said it.

well, given everything you've told me, i get the distinct impression you haven't told me everything.
    i told you what i saw.
but there's more, isn't there?  what you saw *meant* something to you.
    — painkiller jane (we have nothing to fear but fear itself)

i just noticed that VH1's logo got fancy somewhere along the line.  and by "fancy" i mean "idiotic".  how sad for us.

your home is so... decorated.
    — kim possible (partners)

The Outer Limits Park Place Log V

buried deep in the heart of every conflict lies a territory known as "common ground", but how do we summon the courage to seek out its borders?
    — summit

there is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets in the future.
    — the haven

when the machinations of fear collide with man's inventive genius, the result can be both irreversible and terrifying.
    — afterlife

a safe place, warm and quiet.  a place to rest and recover.  when all is said and done, isn't that what we all want?  a safe place in someone's home.  or someone's heart.
    — the refuge

blind faith can lead us toward the light, or plunge us into eternal darkness.
    — revival

from the time we are children we are taught to mistrust strangers, but are *we* always as wary as we encourage *them* to be?
    — something about harry

the suffering we conceal and the sorrow we hide may only be fully understood by those who share a common pain.
    — nest

it is said that through our children we attain a kind of immortality: an unending chain of life in which mother and child are forever linked, carrying, in turn, the burden of humanity.
    — paradise