The Intensive Purpose Park Place Log

you're a non-believer.  why should we waste time on kabuki?
    — mad men (the hobo code)

a disney channel ad said, "if you have a web-enabled phone, get your parents' permission..."  (pause)  that about sums things up.

control can be a dangerous illusion.
    — painkiller jane (pilot)

instead of adding "(sp?)" to a post, how about you open another window and hit a dictionary site?  maybe more parents should've told their kids to "look it up".  or maybe more people should just *care*.

sometimes your lack of foresight is astonishing.
    — eureka (h.o.u.s.e. rules)

God bless the messaging generation and its need to truncate words for no apparent reason.  please- do your part to not let the human race devolve even faster than it already is.

and remember: life is full of entrées, so don't fill up on bread.
    — family guy (mother tucker)

"wreaks of suck" or "is teh suck".  is it worse to type the complicated homophone or to deliberately misspell a word in a misguided attempt to be humorous?  as an aside, and with no real basis, i'm going to guess that they both litter.

i don't think every story is about its ending.
    — heartland (i make myself into something new)

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