The Area Control Park Place Log

look, i know i screwed up; i don't need your passive-aggressive [BS] to remind me.
    i just exhaled...
    — heartland (pilot)

i love statements like "i would only be caught dead in church."  ignoring for the moment that it's grammatically nonsensical, what happened that you've passed "dismissive of" and have graduated to "vehemently against"?

what are you implying?
    what are you inferring?
    — eureka (h.o.u.s.e. rules)

learning how to make balloon animals is a lousy hobby if you have asthma.  or so i've been told, at any rate.

to a degree we are our patterns.  if you were locked in a livery of the world's miseries you would be led almost inexorably to choose your own because it's the pain you're familiar with.
    — the closer (critical missing)  //two quotes, but from the same person at least//

"ameritrash" is one of the most idiotic labels i've ever heard.  (pause)  there.  i've said it.

well, given everything you've told me, i get the distinct impression you haven't told me everything.
    i told you what i saw.
but there's more, isn't there?  what you saw *meant* something to you.
    — painkiller jane (we have nothing to fear but fear itself)

i just noticed that VH1's logo got fancy somewhere along the line.  and by "fancy" i mean "idiotic".  how sad for us.

your home is so... decorated.
    — kim possible (partners)

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