The Traumatically Beneficial Joyous Circle Log

citizens, civilians, the difference...
    a citizen knows how to live with the choices he makes, or how to die defending them.
    — roughnecks - starship troopers chronicles (the tophet campaign)

stop asking me for my phone number, gmail.  you're not the only one that's read 1984, though i didn't realize how much linking could be done until i looked into ups mychoice.

i learned one thing during the war: that you fight with whatever you've got, whatever you can lay your hands on.  and you never stop.  the minute you do, that's the minute the world rolls right over you.
    — red

hasbro needs to release a mythos-themed clue so that i could say, “it was cthulhu at r’lyeh with insanity”.  (pause)  actually, someone needs to put that on a shirt, because i'm not really a fan of clue.

there are moments in life, moments when you know you crossed a bridge.  your old life is over.
    — limitless

The Kamakazi Ripplers Joyous Circle Log

if i was going to buy a pick-up, i'd buy a ram, because sam eliot does the voice-over.  period.  end of sentence.

that's the trouble with being good at your job: when the going gets tough, the tough do all the heavy lifting.
    — roughnecks - starship troopers chronicles (the hydora campaign)

the hershey museum - story, sorry - is fine for what it is, but it really needs more godzilla.

i don't believe in the devil.
    you should.  he believes in you.
    — constantine

one of the dangers of quickly scanning project management documents is that 'strategizing' can look an awful lot like 'stargazing', which, while it'd be a cool phase, probably wouldn't help much in the long run.

i done handcuffed lightning.  i just figured out that that's what jackie says.  it's a quote from muhammad ali.
    too bad he didn't handcuff a grammar book.
    — i couldn't've come up with a better response myself.

am i the only one who doesn't understand the purpose of the "lane shift" signs?

The Wintertime Wishes Joyous Circle Log

i'm not positive, since it's been a while, but i may have found a place with more acronyms than the air force.  i still haven't decided if i should feel proud, or sit in a corner, hugging my knees to my chest.

you can't negotiate with something that has no soul.
    — roughnecks - starship troopers chronicles (the pluto campaign)

i realize the greeting card people are trying, but if you actually think about the non-Christmas Christmas cards, some of them are laughably poor.  for instance: why is the ever-present "season's greetings" never given out for spring, summer, or autumn?  the winner though has to be the title one.  seriously?  it didn't occur to anyone that that sounds more than a little goofy?

people assume demons bring evil from the outside, but they don't.
    they don't?
demons nurture the evil that festers within, cultivate it, allow it to blossom.
    — the curse of king tut's tomb

with my first check from here, my available balance increased 48,789.55%.  not to be outdone, with my second it increased 12,027,500%, though that time i was only broke for a day, not two and a half weeks.

btw, and don’t take this the wrong way, but the real reason I was hired was because none of you guys drink mtn dew, and were in danger of being kicked out from under the IT umbrella.
    — i just call things like i see 'em

it turns out that 'employe' is an actual word.  who would've guessed?