The Kamakazi Ripplers Joyous Circle Log

if i was going to buy a pick-up, i'd buy a ram, because sam eliot does the voice-over.  period.  end of sentence.

that's the trouble with being good at your job: when the going gets tough, the tough do all the heavy lifting.
    — roughnecks - starship troopers chronicles (the hydora campaign)

the hershey museum - story, sorry - is fine for what it is, but it really needs more godzilla.

i don't believe in the devil.
    you should.  he believes in you.
    — constantine

one of the dangers of quickly scanning project management documents is that 'strategizing' can look an awful lot like 'stargazing', which, while it'd be a cool phase, probably wouldn't help much in the long run.

i done handcuffed lightning.  i just figured out that that's what jackie says.  it's a quote from muhammad ali.
    too bad he didn't handcuff a grammar book.
    — i couldn't've come up with a better response myself.

am i the only one who doesn't understand the purpose of the "lane shift" signs?

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