Old Titleless Gunter Log IV

why do *you* always have to drive?  because you're the guy?  because you're the big, macho man?
    no, i was just never sure if your little feet could reach the pedals.
    — the x files

a true friend is a friend you can tell the truth to and not worry.
    — ST:TNG  (yes, i *was* rather bored...)

don't start judging.
    i'm anticipating.
you always have a longer word for it, no matter what i say.
    — immersion

never give up what you love to be loved.
    — the silver shoes (paraphrased)

you only support free speech and freedom [in general] by opening doors, not closing them.
    — jeff marks

once a prep, always a prep.

are you kidding?  it's hard *not* to like a chick who can effortlessly use the word 'curmudgeon' in a sentence.

mikey?  he's the kind of friend who keeps you from feeling bland.

The Twilight Zone Park Place Log III

take care that, instead of the flavor of wine, the victory does not become the taste of ashes.
    — the mirror (paraphrased)

the world is made of concrete, but never forget that there is magic to be found.
    — the big tall wish (paraphrased)

leave the yesterdays alone; do something... do something about the tomorrows.
    — no time like the past

i'm just interested in what makes you tick.  or maybe it's what makes you tick so *loudly*.
    — the little people

i extend my sympathy so long as your yellow eats at *your* insides, but when it crawls into *my* bivouac and tries to climb up on *my* horse, i withdraw my sympathy and give you the back of my hand.
    — still valley

we... we retaliated?
    oh, indeed.  with alacrity, and great effectiveness.
    — probe 7, over and out

some of us are young, some of us are old, but neither state precludes any of us - young or old - from ignoring the basic cooperation that will be necessary here.
    — the trouble with templeton

idyllic?  obviously.  but don't look too carefully; don't peak behind the facade.  the idyll might have feet of clay.
    — the bewitchin' pool

The Tactical Idle Park Place Log

there's a fog over your eyes in which you can see only your own arrogance.
    — the legionnaire

if you completely gut it, it's no longer a mag-lite, genius.  cramming a 1200mm smoothbore platform into my celica doesn't turn it into an M1A2, but *does* make it Not A Celica.

pride is a poor substitute for intelligence.
    — rambo: first blood part ii

your mom *said* you were needy, but i just thought that was the alcohol talking.

life, every now and then, behaves as if it had seen too many bad movies, when everything fits too well: the beginning, the middle, and the end - from fade-in to fade-out.
    — the barefoot contessa

remember when theaters didn't have commercials?  at least they've been able to keep ticket prices down...

all this for just four easy and simultaneous payments of $8
    — on a website selling some software  (courtesy of valkraider)

was 48-hour deodorant really necessary?  if someone can't manage to get a hold of deodorant within 48 hours than they likely have more pressing issues than whether or not they smell pretty.

there's something about you that's just... a little off to the side.
    — painkiller jane (toy soldiers)

by the way, when companies don't recommend a product for non-colorfast fabrics, it's not idly.  that is all.

Old Titleless Gunter Log III

approximate number of days after i started attending classes again that i got back into my old habit of substituting caffeine for sleep: three.  (seems that i've traded RPGs and battletech for e-mail and the 'net, which is almost as bad in my dad's eyes.  (of course, once the novelty of doing that stuff at home wears off i guess i'll have to find out which of you guys and gals are gamers.))  [wow - nested ()s.]

absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.
    — immersion

the best way to predict the future is to invent it.
    — the x files

why do people insist on saying things like "ancient sanskrit"?  is there a *modern* version floating around somewhere that's miraculously escaped my attention?

parental responsibility n.  a myth perpetrated by The Man to keep us from enjoying the carefree life we deserve.

you can't demonstrate what others have no power to imagine.
    — redux

NB:  it's generally considered 'not terribly bright' to open a spritzing soda can right in front of your desk fan.  honest.

and in case you were wondering, rubbermaid lids *will* in fact warp considerably if you keep them in the microwave too long.  (which, of course, saves you from the need to clean them afterwards.)