Old Titleless Gunter Log IV

why do *you* always have to drive?  because you're the guy?  because you're the big, macho man?
    no, i was just never sure if your little feet could reach the pedals.
    — the x files

a true friend is a friend you can tell the truth to and not worry.
    — ST:TNG  (yes, i *was* rather bored...)

don't start judging.
    i'm anticipating.
you always have a longer word for it, no matter what i say.
    — immersion

never give up what you love to be loved.
    — the silver shoes (paraphrased)

you only support free speech and freedom [in general] by opening doors, not closing them.
    — jeff marks

once a prep, always a prep.

are you kidding?  it's hard *not* to like a chick who can effortlessly use the word 'curmudgeon' in a sentence.

mikey?  he's the kind of friend who keeps you from feeling bland.

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