The Twilight Zone Park Place Log III

take care that, instead of the flavor of wine, the victory does not become the taste of ashes.
    — the mirror (paraphrased)

the world is made of concrete, but never forget that there is magic to be found.
    — the big tall wish (paraphrased)

leave the yesterdays alone; do something... do something about the tomorrows.
    — no time like the past

i'm just interested in what makes you tick.  or maybe it's what makes you tick so *loudly*.
    — the little people

i extend my sympathy so long as your yellow eats at *your* insides, but when it crawls into *my* bivouac and tries to climb up on *my* horse, i withdraw my sympathy and give you the back of my hand.
    — still valley

we... we retaliated?
    oh, indeed.  with alacrity, and great effectiveness.
    — probe 7, over and out

some of us are young, some of us are old, but neither state precludes any of us - young or old - from ignoring the basic cooperation that will be necessary here.
    — the trouble with templeton

idyllic?  obviously.  but don't look too carefully; don't peak behind the facade.  the idyll might have feet of clay.
    — the bewitchin' pool

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