The Tactical Idle Park Place Log

there's a fog over your eyes in which you can see only your own arrogance.
    — the legionnaire

if you completely gut it, it's no longer a mag-lite, genius.  cramming a 1200mm smoothbore platform into my celica doesn't turn it into an M1A2, but *does* make it Not A Celica.

pride is a poor substitute for intelligence.
    — rambo: first blood part ii

your mom *said* you were needy, but i just thought that was the alcohol talking.

life, every now and then, behaves as if it had seen too many bad movies, when everything fits too well: the beginning, the middle, and the end - from fade-in to fade-out.
    — the barefoot contessa

remember when theaters didn't have commercials?  at least they've been able to keep ticket prices down...

all this for just four easy and simultaneous payments of $8
    — on a website selling some software  (courtesy of valkraider)

was 48-hour deodorant really necessary?  if someone can't manage to get a hold of deodorant within 48 hours than they likely have more pressing issues than whether or not they smell pretty.

there's something about you that's just... a little off to the side.
    — painkiller jane (toy soldiers)

by the way, when companies don't recommend a product for non-colorfast fabrics, it's not idly.  that is all.

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