Old Titleless Gunter Log III

approximate number of days after i started attending classes again that i got back into my old habit of substituting caffeine for sleep: three.  (seems that i've traded RPGs and battletech for e-mail and the 'net, which is almost as bad in my dad's eyes.  (of course, once the novelty of doing that stuff at home wears off i guess i'll have to find out which of you guys and gals are gamers.))  [wow - nested ()s.]

absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.
    — immersion

the best way to predict the future is to invent it.
    — the x files

why do people insist on saying things like "ancient sanskrit"?  is there a *modern* version floating around somewhere that's miraculously escaped my attention?

parental responsibility n.  a myth perpetrated by The Man to keep us from enjoying the carefree life we deserve.

you can't demonstrate what others have no power to imagine.
    — redux

NB:  it's generally considered 'not terribly bright' to open a spritzing soda can right in front of your desk fan.  honest.

and in case you were wondering, rubbermaid lids *will* in fact warp considerably if you keep them in the microwave too long.  (which, of course, saves you from the need to clean them afterwards.)

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