Old Titleless Gunter Log V

better run home to *mama* now...
    — sarah bryant

    i'll take Sublimely Disgusting for $200, alex.
and the answer is...  over-cooked french onion flavored ramen noodles.  (misc buzzer sound)  mike?
    what is the most disgusting thing you could try to eat for 17 cents?

a dream is an answer to a question we haven't learned how to ask.
    — the x files

all our actions are ultimately selfish.  the trick is to make them appear otherwise.
    — me
    // 07 addition:  if i came up with this now, i think i'd add "with very rare exception," and scrap "all".

the loves of our youth are the deepest and truest.
    — a cure for baldness

in 1990, the [census] bureau relied on free advertising and had 98 percent participation.
    (now, call me silly, but if they knew the number of people that made up 100%...)
    — one of those online publications, via bird

the legacy of the modern age: we have information, but no truth.
    — disclosure

the truly dangerous are *always* very charming.  it's how they survive.
    — the littlest jackal

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