Old Titleless Gunter Log VI

whenever you right-click to magnify a portion of your monitor, it might be about time to wonder if perhaps you haven't been NetLinking a little *too* much.

assuming you can find the right people, chatting is cool.  (and naturally you know that if you start with people who are I-Saturn owners you're already ahead of the game.)

the account-holder end of their server's down more than it's up, but if for some reason you need to unload a picture, segahead@hotmail should be willing to accept it.
    // 07 addition:  i completely forgot i had this e-mail addy.  you can't have it though, 'cause i got it again.  not so much because i want it, but because i don't want anyone else to have it.  (smirk)  i can't wait not to check it any more frequently than i think to check michaelmalleyslogs@gmail.

suicide is the second leading cause of death among active duty air force members.
    — bitstream  (if you suggest #1 i'll make a Top 10 list.)
    // 07 addition:  i forgot i did lists.  i'll have to see if i still have any of them around.

in a dream i can see you are not far away.
any time, any place, i can see your face.
    — christmas nights into dreams
    (one of the many reasons chicks like sega best.)
    // 07 addition:  yes, i know, i shouldn't use "chicks".

and despite what you may think, the air force pays me to code, not express its opinions.  (*that* i do for free.)

oh, and if you ever leave your computer on overnight to see if something ran successfully, i wouldn't recommend just moving the switch to its opposite position out of habit.

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