The Murphy's Law Park Place Log

why are men always tryin' to protect women?
    'cause you smell good.
    — after the sunset

people really clap at the end of movies?  how does that make more sense than talking to the screen?

God help me, but i love tough women.
    — they are among us

when i'm king i'm going to eliminate idiotic bumper stickers.  (pause)  strike that.  i'll give them out to anyone and everyone who wants them.  all the easier to track you, my pretties.

you can see into my apartment, but i uhhh... i can't see into yours.
    i promise you: i won't take advantage of it.
well i would if it were the other way around.
    — in a lonely place

why are ghost hunters afraid when they run into what they think are ghosts?  i'm just asking.

they should name a gender after you.  looking at you doesn't do it.  staring is the only way that makes any sense, and trying not to blink so you don't miss anything.
    — spanglish

(pout)  my yellow smirking shirt gave up the ghost.  at least it had a good run.

what is character?  is it in your blood or can it be learned?  is it timeless?  is it obvious or is it impossible to define?  will you recognize it when you see it?  not if you have to ask.
    — hennessy commercial

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