Old Titleless Gunter Log VIII

how long have you been playing?
    i haven't played *seriously* since '89.
so you're just playing jokingly now?

i've come to the conclusion that being a bugler is kinda like being a field goal kicker: not only are you not really part of the team, but the best you can do is 'your job'.  plus, while there's exactly one way to do it correctly, there're roughly 30 bazillion to do it incorrectly.  (well, ok, only 24, but you know what i *mean*.)
    // 07 addition:  i guess technically there're 2^24 ways to do it incorrectly, but who's counting?

contrary to popular belief, there really *are* cool lieutenants.  (they're still not the *smartest* people i've ever seen, but they're learning.)

my, isn't *she* pleasant?
    yeah, and she's got such pretty blond hair too.  i wonder why she dyed the roots brown?

whenever the thought of using mtn dew as a valid substitute for visine crosses your mind even in jest, it's probably about time to get some sleep.

so who knows why the chicken crossed the road?  (and why didn't anyone think of that before?)
    // 07 addition:  the danger of in-jokes.  i'm sure i found this really amusing at the time.

they might be annoying as [BEEP], but if it wasn't for one of those moronic are-you-happy-with-your-phone-service people, i might *still* be sleeping.

oh, and mail will soon be delivered to the dorms, so now i'll have to check sgt jones' office *and* the post office for packages.  my, that really *is* convenient.

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