The Potted Meat Park Place Log

organized properly, tents are surprisingly roomy.  unfortunately, the subtleties are easily forgotten when setting up at night with rain on the way.  (as much as i'd like to blame the 35watt HID, that wouldn't really be fair.)

oh, crap - i just dropped one.
    great.  now we'll have a hershey kiss tree that we'll need to walk around tomorrow.

someone cut her off.  any more coke zero and she's gonna plant her face in the fire.

i didn't believe mark when he said that.
    which is odd, because often mark is wrong and you're right...

you still have half a bottle left?  you're gonna have to change your major to nursing.

what did he say?  "excuse me, have you seen my euro carry-all?"

red pilot V5 + kroma(red) = completely invisible writing

always bring a torch to a cave, 'cause the tour guide's might absolutely suck.

no, no - they're not "damp with humidity"; they're "containing advanced cooling-enhancing fibers".

you know that feeling you get when you're peeing into a gatorade bottle and it seems to be filling up far too quickly?  (pause)  i really don't have anywhere to go with this, but there's no way it wasn't going to make the log, if only for posterity's sake.

it's like kicking a dog: you don't kick it a *little*.

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