The Dangerously Irresponsible Park Place Log

oop oop oop!  stupid idea alert!
    — kim possible (showdown at the crooked d)

i should trademark all the black words, 'cause either i'd get rich or they'd start talking normal just to spite me.

are you rather fond of *those* particular apples?!
    — ken and i

i was not speaking literally, my son.  (pause)  or was i?
    — kim possible (animal attraction)

this is what happens when a great deal of intelligence is invested in ignorance.
    — aeon flux (the purge)

only small-minded people take offense to everything.
    — party wire

how can it be offensive if it's true?
    — geico commercial

my ridiculously circuitous plan is one-quarter complete.
    — kim possible: the villain files

where am i going and why am i in this handbasket?

is there a patron saint for justification?  if not, there should be, and here's why...
    — ken shmalley

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