The Necktie Social Park Place Log

then one day, a terrible thing happened: an angry rhinoceros appeared out of nowhere and gobbled up his poor mother and father.  their troubles - if they had any at all - were over in thirty-five seconds flat.
    — james and the giant peach

quaker instant oatmeal doesn't have nearly as much fiber as someone who knows little about fiber would expect, but they do happen to be responsible for one of the best jobs of technically not lying with statistics i've ever seen.  in any event, projecting my tastes upon the rest of the world, the flavors they need to keep around are - wait for it - banana bread, anything & cream, honey nut, cinnamon & spice, and cinnamon pecan.

this i take it was not purchased at tiffany's?
    no.  actually it was purchased concurrent with, uh... well, actually it came inside of... well, a box of crackerjack.
i see.  do they still really have prizes in crackerjack boxes?
    oh yes.
that's nice to know.  gives one a feeling of solidarity - almost of continuity - with the past, that sort of thing.
    — breakfast at tiffany's

you know those people who think that simply wearing the outfit makes them look good?  (pause)  that's all.  the rest pretty much writes itself.

that doesn't even make sense.  how can flimsy paper possibly beat the raw density of stone?
    — kim possible: a sitch in time

do you value your life?
    insofar as it lets me do things.

the good that you do makes a relationship stronger; the good that you don't, kills it.
    — yours truly  (looks like i'm not *completely* out of gems)

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