The Fairy Metal Park Place Log

we're still kids.  nobody knows what to do or how to do it.  it's all just lurching...
    — the people i know

lumens, by their very nature, cannot be directly measured.
(no, it's not you; this one passes beyond "esoteric" to "too tricky for my own good".)

are you always this forward?
    only with wet, married women.
    — fletch

if you haven't had too much alcohol to send an e-mail, you haven't had too much alcohol to check your spelling.  (pause)  i'm just saying.

i'm not like most people.
    i noticed.
oh, i mean: everyone works so hard to fit in and be like everyone else.  seems to me you're gonna work that hard it oughta be to *not* be like everyone else.
    — painkiller jane (toy soldiers)

sorry björk guðmundsdóttir from reykjavík, but you've been replaced by tarja soile susanna turunen cabuli from kitee in the "fun to say" category.

i don't scare easy - i'm too dumb.
    — fletch lives

the modern pentathlon consists of riding, shooting, fencing, swimming and running.  initially called "military pentathlon", the Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne described the event as follows: the choice of the five diverse and unrelated sports which make up the modern pentathlon arose out of the romantic, rough adventures of a liaison officer whose horse is brought down in enemy territory; having defended himself with his pistol and sword, he swims across a raging river and delivers the message on foot.

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