The Twilight Zone Park Place Log II

this is the way nightmares begin (or perhaps end): very simple, direct, unadorned; incredible, and yet so terribly real that even while they're happening we live with them and adjust to them and assimilate them.
    — to serve man

honest men make unconvincing liars.
    — the howling man

no matter what the future brings, man's capacity to rise to the occasion will remain unaltered.  his potential for tenacity and optimism continues as always: to out-fight, out-point and outlive any and all changes made by his society.
    — steel

i saw him and didn't recognize him.
    that is man's weakness and satan's strength.
    — the howling man

it's important to get with the majority, isn't it?  that's... that's a big thing nowadays, isn't it, reverend?
    that's all there is, is the majority.  the minority must've died on the cross two thousand years ago.
    — i am the night - color me black

why do you stay here?
    i was under the impression that i was needed.
you are.  that explains why i keep you here... but it doesn't even remotely suggest why you *stay*.
    you would like me to be quite honest, i presume?
indeed.  you may be a bit short on duty, but a lack of candor has never been one of your deficiencies.
    i stay-- i *live* for the moment when i can see you buried.  when i come back from your funeral i'm going to open a bottle of wine.
    — uncle simon

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