The Twilight Zone Park Place Log I

i find of late that i have very little choice in the matter of expressing emotions.  i can either drink or i can weep, and drinking is so much more subtle.
    — the night of the meek

never dream instead of do, nor hope instead of try.
    — in praise of pip (paraphrased)

neither sympathy nor compassion can be handed out wholesale like cheap bubblegum.  the recipient must be worthy of them.
    — one more pallbearer

too often man becomes clever instead of becoming wise.
    — the brain center at whipple's

the most common ailment of all men: the strange and perverse disinclination to believe in a miracle.
    — the big tall wish

be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.
    — the changing of the guard (horace mann)

you know, you're the only woman i know who looks as if underneath her clothes she wore clothes.  you have all the grace and femininity of a high-button shoe.
    and *you*, uncle simon...
go on.  let's see if you can compensate for the fact that you're a passionless vegetable by speaking your mind.
    if i'm a passionless vegetable, it's because my gardener is an ancient relic, made out of dry skin and ice water.
not bad, not bad, not bad.  you know, if i prod you hard enough, you can scrabble up to the occasion.  or at least part way.
    — uncle simon

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