Gunter Log 250497

Gunter Log Lite: half the calories, and now without Yellow Number 5

one of the many signs that you've been awake for Far FAR too long: your bathroom fan suddenly gains the ability to play reveille, the star spangled banner and retreat.   simultaneously.  and in no particular order.
    (btw - and this cannot be stressed enough - i'm merely the messenger here.  honest.)

when we all go home for christmas we need to set our out of office assistants to reply individually to one another with a message saying that we're not here, and then, right before we go, send a message off to each person.  i figure by the time we come back the exchange system should be slag.  oh, wait - on second thought, maybe that's not such as good idea after all.
    // 08 addition:  for those who aren't making the connection, e-mail (with a hyphen) is how you did this back then.

just when you think that this time you *finally* have a handle on things, Life will let you know that you are once again grossly mistaken.  (btw, i'd say trust everything and pray - hope? - you react quickly when it proves necessary.)

in case you happen to find yourself tempted, i strenuously object [afgm] to your buying a 'freshy'-flavored soda.  not that there aren't *worse* things out there, but aren't there always? more day up in the can-yon...
    did you hear that?  one more day *up* in the canyon?
yeah, it's just as goofed as it was the *first* three times you brought it up - now be quiet.

btw, i found out last night that orange juice will soon come in a caffeinated version, which is absolutely fantastic, 'cause not only will my two favorite breakfast ... umm ... foods be combined, but now my screwdrivers will be that much better.
    // 08 addition:  did this ever happen?  i don't remember seeing it in any stores.

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