The Delicious Irony Park Place Log

three stanley aren't as sweet as six vince lombardi, but it's not too shabby.  now all we need is for the pirates to remember how it's done.

do you realize you're breaking every rule of the geneva convention?
    when did we ever worry about the swiss?
    — the a-team (the say uncle affair)

seriously?  you thought i was asking you if that shadow was from those trees?  in what world is that an acceptable question for anyone over the age of six?

you lack charm.
    i'm sure i'm extremely sorry, sir.
    — happy go lucky

there are one hundred sixty-eight hours in a week.  how about you spend the one dedicated to the divine liturgy actually focussed on the divine liturgy instead of praying the rosary?

here in atlantis we try to subjugate nature to our own [cause].
    i am satisfied with nature as it is: savage and gentle at the same time; cruel and yet generous.
    — hercules and the captive women

obsolete technology makes me as sad as the next person, but garage sale-ers don't want your film cameras any more than they want your diskettes.

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