The Hyperbolic Paraboloid Park Place Log

here's the scenario: your baby is crying like a banshee in church.  if you can't take him outside and tag team him, you have to at least take him to the vestibule.

we've done it before; we'll do it again.  we'll manage 'em.
    you have a strategem?
it's as old as the kingdom; i know it by rote.  to escape their wrath: scape the goat.
    — the pied piper of hamelin

someone needs to tell the aldi head honchos that there should be two rows of chocolate soy milk in those boxes, because they *always* run out before the regular and vanilla.

pain is just weakness leaving the body.
    — i heard it on tv, but apparently it's on t-shirts

speaking of aldi, what's with the banana split ice cream sandwiches that usually don't taste like banana?  i smell class action lawsuit...

you so-called atheists - always feel so compelled to stretch your Godlessness.
    — angel and the badman

oh, and if it was simply a matter of surviving, lou diamond phillips would win.

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