The Tokyo Beat Down Park Place Log I

the crime rate's rising.
    — man providing backstory

want to know the key to covert infiltration ops?  just go in, and if anyone sees you, beat them down!
    — eiji watanabe

i think it's time for some steller police work... beast cop style!
    — lewis cannon

you need to take responsibility for your bravado.  if you say you'll beat someone down in under three minutes, you better beat them down in under three minutes!
    — eiji watanabe

big trouble in shibuya!  beat down crime and restore peace!

this place is swarming with evil-doers.  looks like i have a date... with justice!
    — lewis cannon

did you hear about the riots in akihabara?  they stole thirty-five tv sets, fourteen microwaves, twenty-one video games systems, fifty watches, and at least one giant stuffed animal!
    — woman who cares too much

i read there was a riot in akihabara!  i only read the headline, 'cause the article was *long*.
    — woman who cares only so much

he doesn't have the face of a criminal boss.  this is the face of an underling.  i can tell.
    — lewis cannon

whoa, now *that's* what a bad guy should look like.
    — lewis cannon

i'd hate to be the chalk outliner tomorrow...
    — lewis cannon

// i've made some slight changes to the wording/punctuation in spots.

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