The Tokyo Beat Down Park Place Log II

wouldn't it be awesome if a horrible event happened?
    — kid asking to be slapped

we've confirmed two separate explosions.
    — plot-progressing officer

riots and looters and bombings, oh my!  patrol akihabara!

when life hands you a bomb, you make bombenade!
    — lewis cannon

can't i mouth off like lewis and get off the assignment?
    — rika hyodo

sorry, but justice doesn't own a white flag, baby.
    — lewis cannon

01001001 00100000 00111100 00110011 00100000 01010101
    — binary zealot

i can't answer your questions.  i have a quota to meet.  speaking of which, you want some lovely perfume?
    — vial temptress

eating food after it falls on the ground is *disgusting*.
    — lady who is sorely mistaken

i just love being myself, you know?
    — trend-follower

whatever happened to ethics and decency in this country?
    — world's-gone-downhill man

haven't you watched a cop movie before?  the hero-cop usually stares offscreen dramatically.
    — lewis cannon

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