The Tokyo Beat Down Park Place Log III

so did you hear what happened here in marunoichi?  apparently, some terrorists showed up!
    — man who summarizes yesterday

terrorists, schmerrorists.  i ain't scared of those pansies.
    — intense businessman

i'll tear them apart and beat them with their own limbs!
    — girl who likes action movies

third floor: clearance sale on lingerie... and justice!
    — lewis cannon

it's nice and noisy in here!
    — lady who likes obstreperosity

ello, love, nice daisies.  where ya off ta now?
    — obligatory british guy

i wish i'd been nicer to people.
    — lady who rues the day

you're in a shady gang and you're surprised to see cops?
    — lewis cannon

oh no!  i heard there was a female cop in yaesu!
    is she the one whose kicks are fast as lightning?
no!  she's the one who shoots you in inconvenient places!
    — j-gang doorman and the other j-gang doorman

you think *we're* to blame?  do you know how much planning goes into bombing a city?!
    — guy admitting incompetence

(sigh) so predictable.  you wait for the handcuffs and then you try and reach for a hidden firearm.
    — rika hyodo

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