The Minnie and Smokey Park Place Log

unfortunately, just because a game "supports wii balance board" doesn't mean that using it is a good idea.

you can't base happiness on the amount of money you make.  well, i'm not knocking money, but there are other things...
    — beast from haunted cave

there really should be a law that altar servers must wear slacks (or at least black jeans) and dress shoes.  even if they think they can get away with shorts, how do they think flip flops are acceptable?  and why does the priest let them serve?

what we are losing is editing.  ...  the discipline that should go with being able to communicate is gone.
    — daniel schorr

that mtn dew voltage is pretty good stuff.  i'd say that they should bring out a diet version, but experience shows that it'd taste completely different.

years ago, an ingenious starship designer developed a metal that, when heated to a certain temperature, forms huge metal coins that can be collected by other ships.
    — tyrian

i've been watching old movies and it turns out that skimpy outfits aren't new, it's just that in the past they weren't turned into events unto themselves.  it's unfortunate that story has been sacrificed on the altar of lasciviousness.

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