The Wii Sports Resort Park Place Log

that's cool that it can sense little motions, but why does the wiimotionplus have to be recalibrated so often?

still no bocce?  this saddens me.  i wouldn't turn down lawn darts, either.

what's miguel's plane made out of?  kryptonite?  or is he shooting me down?

why didn't it occur to anyone to give a fourth color to the checkmark to indicate that i found the spot during the current time of day?

secret archery targets?  who thought *that* was a good idea?

the lake is stocked with fish, and i can buzz the tennis court, so why can't i fish or play tennis?  or how about a nice balloon ride?

btw, what's with my starting in thirtieth place?  am i showing up late?  every single time?

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