The Pride of Authorship Park Place Log

so there i was, sitting at the computer, in between bites of a klondike krunch seeing if there were any more exercises at the body-for-life site that i could perform using my macgyver-esque set-up while the printer was going to town with my twelve weeks of exercise plans.  one of my resolutions is "get in shape by my birthday", which, on the surface, is probably more generic than it should be, but it's not generic enough that it won't be obvious if i don't manage it, so i obviously have my work cut out for me.  (smirk)  doubly so since i'm only taking the nutrition-for-life part as a casual suggestion.

we have many artists about, but no craftsmen.
    — a bucket of blood

not too long ago i noticed that my market pantry bottled water bottle - which is actually filled with well water - reads that the water is "enhanced with minerals for taste".  that's correct: the ingredients are purified water, magnesium sulfate, potassium bicarbonate and potassium chloride.  i wonder how much cheaper bottled water could be if it wasn't enhanced.  or like whole wheat bread, would it be more expensive?

this was perhaps the happiest day of aladdin's life.  he should have been a bit more pessimistic.  he always said, "a pessimist is someone who really knows what's really going on."
    — the arabian nights (lang)

i finally got around to trying elmer's chocolates, and while they rank up there with the best filled chocolates i've had - keeping in mind that i'm not a big chocolate person - they don't strike me as having anything to do with new orleans.  or ponchatoula, for that matter, which is actually where they're located.

most of our problems can be solved.  some of them will take brains, and some of them will take patience, but all of them will have to be wrestled with like an alligator in the swamp.
    — harold washington

granted, i really shouldn't consider the matter closed since the only two fruitcakes i've had are from sun-maid and claxton, but it doesn't seem to be among my favorite desserts.  (which is of course not strictly correct english, since you can only have one favorite per category.)

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