The Via Flaminia Park Place Log

i bought a box of good humor strawberry shortcake bars about a week ago, which promises to "bring back the memories".  i'll be honest: the memories were better.

[i]t takes more than intellect to be a musician.  put your soul into it a little, ok?
    — carnival of souls

pepsi max proves that dr pepper isn't the only soda that can be made in diet without tasting like it is, so how about you guys do the same for mtn dew?  and while you're at it, stop short-changing me on the caffeine.  there's no reason pepsi max should have over a quarter more caffeine.

computers don't run themselves.  well, they do, but only into the ground.
    — another one of mine

it should be a law that spices you aren't supposed to use a lot of have one of those little plastic guards with holes.  as an aside, if you dump a slew of basil in the sauce because you expect one to be there, take half of it out even if you have to pitch it rather than simply stir it all in.

y'know when you lie to somebody, you surrender your reality to the person you're lying to.
    — judgment day

btw, did anyone else notice the little trickery mcdonalds's pulled with the value menu?  double cheeseburger: two slices of cheese.  mcdouble?  one.

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